Dr Sharon Coleclough

Senior Lecturer

School of Digital, Technologies and Arts

I’m a Senior Lecturer in Film and Sound Design, with a background which covers commercial content production through to art projects including moving image elements with everything in between.

My background mixes practice and theory and I believe that understanding why you are doing something is as important as the how you will achieve it. To this end my work and research looks to combine theory and practice and to consider how technology helps artistic expression and ambition. I look at the use of technology in film and acting, as well as considering genre and representation in film and television. I have published works internationally on sound and lighting in cinema, with pieces also published about cinema and death, the use of zombie fiction and controversy/representation in film.

I taught for five years in the USA working closely with sound recording programmes to ensure that students had a flexible skill set that they could take forwards into industry. This means I am familiar with varied DAW’s and studio configurations when recording or working in sound environments.

I specialise in working with musicians to create moving image content that communicates their performance and online presence, recently editing music videos for a Grammy nominated artist.

Professional memberships and activities

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, ‘Cinematic Performance’, University of Salford.
  • BA (Hons) Film, Television and Radio Studies, Staffordshire University.


  • Representation through technology of cinema
  • Editing
  • Sound Design – visual and non-visual applications
  • Lighting and Diversity on screen
  • Zombie Fiction/Death Studies and film
  • Screenwriting

Research interests

  • Representation in Cinema
  • Diversity through technology in film and television
  • Death and cinematic expression
  • Sound Design and cinematic memory
  • Camera and lens technology
  • Editing – Meaning and technique
  • Colour Correction



  • Film Production – craft skills/application/theory
  • Post-production – Editing and Colour Correction
  • Sound Design – Visual and Non-Visual application
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Filmmaking
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Scriptwriting
  • Research Skills
  • Independent projects
  • Dissertation projects



  • Film Production (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Sound Design and application
  • Interactive Film
  • Genre Theory
  • Representation Theory


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