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Professor Tony Stewart

  • Job title: Emeritus Professor
  • Department: Health and Social Care


I was Professor in Public Health here, prior to retiring in 2016

Additionally, I am a qualified and experienced NHS Consultant in Public Health and Public Health academic. Previous posts include founding a Master of Public Health award at a West Midlands University, as well as working as a systematic reviewer.

I have published many research papers, as well as textbooks on clinical audit, medical statistics and epidemiology. My textbook “Basic Statistics and Epidemiology” won first prize in the 2011 BMA Medical Book Awards, Basis of Medicine category.



Stewart A. Basic epidemiology and statistics. Radcliffe Publishing, Oxford & New York 2002 (2nd ed. 2007; 3rd ed. 2010, 4th ed. in preparation). Winner of the ‘Basis of Medicine’ category in the BMA Medical Book Awards 2011.

Stewart A, Rao JN. Clinical audit and Epi Info. Radcliffe Publishing, Oxford & New York 2003.

Stewart T. Getting started with clinical audit. Brixton Books, London 1997.

Research and other papers

Aigbogun NW, Hawker JI, Stewart A. Interventions to increase influenza vaccination rates in children with high-risk conditions - A systematic review. Vaccine (2015)

Atoyebi O, Stewart A, Sampson J. Use of Information Technology for Falls Detection and Prevention in the Elderly. Ageing International 2014. DOI 10.1007/s12126-014-9204-0.

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Randall J, Slater M, Stewart A, Pugh G, Lewis K, Levy C, Alessandri-Gray P. The Effectiveness of Non-Surgical Weight Management Interventions for Obesity in the UK: A Review and Meta-Regression Analysis. Open Journal of Medical Psychology 2014, 3, 235-249.

Boath, EH. Stewart, A & Carryer, A (2013) Is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as effective with Complementary therapy students as Sport Science students? Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment 2013, DOI: 10.9769.EPJ.2013.5.2.EB.AC.AS.SU

Stewart A, Boath E, Carryer A, Walton I, Hill L, Phillips D, Dawson K. Can Matrix Reimprinting be effective in the treatment of emotional conditions in a public health setting? Results of a U.K. pilot study. Energy Psychology 2013. DOI: 10.9769.EPJ.2013.5.1.AS.EB.AC.IW.LH.DP.KD

Stewart A, Boath E, Carryer A, Walton I, Hill L. Can Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) be effective in the treatment of emotional conditions? Results of a service evaluation in Sandwell. Journal of Psychological Therapies in Primary Care 2013;2:71-84.

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Conferences and Keynote Presentations

Supporting Breastfeeding to Achieve Public Health Outcomes. Inter-professional Midwife and Health Visitor Student Conference, Stafford, June 2014.

Health Inequalities – will we ever close the gap? Health and Wellbeing - Strategies, Research and Challenges, Stoke-on-Trent 2014.

Can emotional freedom techniques (EFT) be effective in the treatment of emotional conditions? Recovery Focused Conference: Engagement in Life – Promoting Wellbeing and Mental Health, Bournemouth 2013 and Mental Health and Wellbeing - How could we do better?, Chester 2013 .

The effectiveness of non-surgical weight management interventions delivered in the UK. Faculty of Public Health Annual Conference, Warwick 2013.

BMD in patients with low trauma fractures: who may benefit from anti-resorptive therapy? European League Against Rheumatism, Annual Congress, Vienna 2005.

The effectiveness of the Mirena Coil in menorrhagia. The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, London 2001.

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