Spectral-360 – The Unblinking Eye – Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project

About this project

Our research in Staffordshire University has identified the inability of video analytic systems to deal with challenging imaging conditions as the key bottleneck. For more than a decade, we have developed our patented technology SPECTRAL-360® to solve this problem in a totally innovative and novel way from the approaches available in the market today, creating a step change in the capabilities, benefits and sophistication of video analytics. Our Spectral-360® technology is rated as one of the best in the world in change detection by an independent website.

Spectral offers end to end solutions for machine vision targeting automatic inspection and process control.

SPECTRAL-360® has won and delivered contracts with the Ministry of Defence in England, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), e.g. ‘ SAPIENT: Sensing for Asset Protection Using Integrated Electronic Networked Technology’ project. In this project, SPECTRAL-360® has worked with QinetiQ, the system integrator, and BAE systems to develop an autonomous system for critical infrastructure protection. SPECTRAL-360® has deployed a video analytics-based passenger counting system for Transport for London (TFL). Our cameras have been installed in Victoria station to capture escalator usage patterns for London Underground. SPECTRAL-360® has developed a post incident analysis solution for Staffordshire and Leicestershire Police Authorities in England; our cases were successfully presented in the court of law.


SPECTRAL-360’s product portfolio includes AVA Detect, AVA Protect, AVA Count and AVA Analyse:

  • AVA Analyse - automatically generates a summarised video footage to include only key events,
  • AVA Detect - monitors and detects perimeter intrusion,
  • AVA Protect - protects key assets (in or outside) – people, property or other important items,
  • AVA Count – counts people and vehicle for health & safety, queue management, traffic flow and parking management.
  • The Benefits of SPECTRAL-360’s Video Analytics products are:
  • Market leading accuracy in real time analysis,
  • Significantly enhanced detection of live events,
  • Accelerated post processing reduced operator overhead by 75-85%,
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate into existing systems,
  • More sophisticated and insightful Analysis
  • This has two key benefits:
  • Improved detection rates as an individual operator’s attention span decreases the longer the video review takes place. The analytics software takes care of this so only relevant footage is shown.

Police time is more effectively used resulting in cost savings and better use of resources.

Lead researcher

Dr Mohamed Sedky

Professor Of Cyber-Physical Systems

Mohamed is the lead researcher of Adaptive Video Analytic technologies, and is also the founder of Spectral-360. His current research interests include object recognition, object tracking, object segmentation, and face detection.

Mohamed's profile

Collaborators and funding

In collaboration with Spectral 360 and the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Funding support from UKRI and Spectral 360.


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