Dr Agata Lulkowska

Job Title and Responsibilities

 Lecturer in Film Production

About me

Dr Agata Lulkowska is Lecturer in Film Production in the Department of Film, Media and Journalism. Agata’s background is in film practice, installations and photography. She is also a prolific interdisciplinary researcher with the main interest in practice-based research, intercultural communication, ethnographic film, experimental film, short fiction, politics of representation and world cinema.

A former Artistic Director at the Discovering Latin America in London, and a recipient of the European Commission grant for her photography installation, Agata strives to engage in both theory and practice with her academic outputs.


PhD (Practice-based, including a documentary film); Birkbeck, University of London, School of Arts, Thesis title: “The Arhuacos, film, and the politics of representing the ‘Other’ in Colombia”;
Film title: ‘The Voice of Sierra Nevada’;
MA in Film Direction (unfinished); Kieslowski Film School, Silesian University
MA in Film and Media Studies; Jagiellonian University
1st Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Arts; London South Bank University

Professional Memberships and Activities

  • MeCCSA - Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association
  • Society for Artistic Research
  • BAFTSS - British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies
  • IAFVC - International Association For Visual Culture
  • RAI - Royal Anthropological Institute Student Fellow
  • LASA - Latin American Studies Association
  • RPS - Royal Photographic Society (expired)
  • SLAS - Society for Latin American Studies
  • WISPS - Women in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin-American Studies
  • AHGBI - Association of Hispanists of Great Britain & Ireland
  • Corkscrew – Practice-based research network at Birkbeck
  • CMSRN - Communications & Media Studies Research Network


  • The Voice of Sierra Nevada, 2017, (research documentary; digital)
  • H-Air, 2015, (Video Installation)
  • We Are Yanesha, 2012, (research documentary; digital)
  • Closer, 2009, installation
  • Unspoken, 2007, (short; digital)
  • Live is Always a Choice, 2007, (fake documentary; digital)
  • Life was brutal once, 2002, (documentary; digital)
  • La vie en rose, 2002, (documentary; digital)
  • Berthe, 2002, (short; 35mm)


  • 2018: shortlisted for one of the scholarships for Young Researchers granted by the scientific committee of the IV International Congress of Visual Culture by the International Community of Visual Culture
  • 2018: AHGBI conference support grant
  • 2017: SLAS Conference Grant
  • 2015: CILAVS Travel Grant for the fieldwork in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • 2014: Santander Travel Bursary
  • 2014: Postgraduate Travel Award by Society for Latin American Studies
  • 2012: AHGBI/Spanish Embassy Travel Award
  • 2011: Premio Bertelli for the photography project ‘Little Treasures’, Bologna
  • 2010: Postgraduate Travel Award by Society for Latin American Studies
  • 2006: European Commission prize for the ‘Almost Like Home’ educational project and solo photographic exhibition, London in collaboration with teenagers of Polish origins and Ilford Park Polish Home


  • New Directions in the Humanities: Transcultural Humanities in a Global World, Venice, July 2020; Paper: Local research with global consequences: Transcultural practice-based research

  • MeCCSA Brighton, January 2020, Paper: Voice of the voiceless: agency and power struggles of indigenous filmmakers and their intercultural audiences

  • Eleventh Conference on East-West Cross-Cultural Relations: Dialogs in Transition: Luso-Hispanic Cultural Production and Global South Exchanges, 9th May 2019, Poland, Warsaw

  • V International Congress on Visual Culture; 15-16 April 2019, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Congress' theme: Latin America from the Image: Historical Narrative and Visual Culture

  • Third International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, 18–19 October 2018, University of California, Berkeley, USA; Presented paper: Indigenous Filmmaking with Mainstream Ambitions: Intercultural Communication Transcending Established Order

  • 2nd International Conference Photography and Academic Research: Images in Post-Truth Era; 6-8 September 2018, Birkbeck, London; Presented Paper: Image re-enactions in the Arhuaco self-representation practices

  • International Congress on Visual Culture; 28-29 May 2018, Rome; Accepted Paper: Audio-Visual Self-Representation As An Intercultural Communication - Indigenous Filmmaking For Mainstream Audiences

  • Latin American Studies Association Congress (LASA2018), May 23 - 26, Barcelona, Spain; Accepted Paper: 'Colombian Indigenous Filmmaking through European eyes’

  • AHGBI (The Association of Hispanists of Great Britain & Ireland) 2008 Annual Conference, 26-28 March, Leeds; Presented paper: ‘Indigenous filmmakers with mainstream ambitions: Creating a digital archive of the Arhuaco heritage’

  • SLAS (Society for Latin American Studies) Annual Conference, 22-23 March 2018, University of Southampton; Presented paper: ‘The Arhuacos in a different light – a comparative study of the approach from Colombia and the UK’

  • International Conference: Border Subjects/Global Hispanisms; 24-25 November 2017; Presented paper: ‘Transcending the borders of indigenous filmmaking in Colombia’

  • MediAsia: The Asian Conference on Media, Communication and Film; 27-29 October 2017, Kobe, Japan; Presented paper: ‘Representing interculturally on the example of indigenous filmmaking in Colombia’

  • ¿La Paz es Ahora? Examining the question of Peace and Violence in Colombia; Newcastle University, 29th September 2018; Presented paper: ‘Narratives of violence through the indigenous eyes - Arhuaco filmmaking as a response to forced displacement’

  • Student conference Birkbeck, University of London, May 2016. Fieldwork report from filming in Colombia, Sept 2015 - Jan2016

  • RAI Anthropology and Photography Conference, British Museum, May 2014, London. Presented paper: ‘Photographer in the field: collaborative visual work as a research methodology to investigate Indigenous self-representation practices in Colombia’

  • SLAS annual conference, April 2014, Birkbeck, London. Presented paper: ‘Colombian Dream comes true, or the emergence of new Colombian cinema’

  • Student conference 2014, Birkbeck, University of London

  • SLAS Annual Conference, April 2013, Manchester. Presented paper: ‘Researching visual representations of the Indigenous Identities’ for the ‘Fieldwork, Art, Science: Issues on Audio-Visual Based Research’ panel

  • Between Bodies 2013 conference, Dublin. Presented paper: ‘Photography and touch - relation between body senses and photographic image’

  • Travel Seminars, Oxford, November 2011. Presented paper: ‘Direct travel experience versus photography storytelling’


  • Politics – Documentary and Photojournalism Panel at 2nd International Conference Photography and Academic Research: Images in Post-Truth Era; 6-8 September 2018, Birkbeck, London

  • Politics / Art – Truth and Colonialism Panel at 2nd International Conference Photography and Academic Research: Images in Post-Truth Era; 6-8 September 2018, Birkbeck, London (invitation)


  • Tokyo International Art Fair: 22-23 May 2015 at the Quest Hall, in Tokyo, Japan

  • Barcelona Showcase: Casa Battló, 27 April 2013

  • ‘Stolen Gazes’: solo exhibition of the research photography: Peltz Room, Birkbeck, 22 April-7th May 2013

  • Showcase Cities: London, 20th February 2013, Richmix

  • Amsterdam, Oude Kerk, 1st December 2012

  • Paris: Art in Capital, Grand Palais, 28 November - 2nd December 2012

  • Bologna: Trevisarte: Little Treasures: October-November 2012

  • Showcase Cities: London, 18th April 2012, Richmix, London

  • Barcelona, Casa Battló, December 2011

  • Showcase Cities: London, 24th August 2011, Richmix

  • Showcase Cities: London, 26th January 2011, Richmix

  • Showcase Cities: London, 2 June 2010, Richmix

  • Almost like Home, Copleston Centre, London, 2005


Practice-based research, Non-fiction film, ethnographic film, short features, experimental film, art photography, intercultural communication, installations, politics of representation, the Other, festivals and exhibitions.

Enterprise and Commercial Activities

  • Artistic Director for the 10th Discovering Latin America Film Festival in London in Collaboration with Tate Modern
  • Invited Talk: Colombian Indigenous Films, Muxima, 22nd May 2016 (http://muxima.co.uk/colombian-indigenous-films-22nd-may/)
  • Invited Talk: ‘Flickering Darkness’ - presentation and panel discussion at Birkbeck Cinema alongside with artist Juan delGado and Andrés David Montenegro Rosero, History of Art Teaching Fellow, University College London; https://vimeo.com/139346851
  • Organised a special retrospective of Colectivo Zhigoneshi’s works at Birkbeck University, London and Q&A with Charlotte Gleghorn, Chancellor’s Fellow, Hispanic Studies, University of Edinburgh,
  • Organised Tate Film: Luis Ospina and Grupo de Cali retrospective, Tate Modern, 28-29 November 2014; http://www.tate.org.uk/download/file/fid/44537
  • Co-organised two editions of Arts Week, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Co-organised ‘Thinking Visually: Iberian and Latin American Images in Practice and Research’, Birkbeck

Research and Interests

Practice as research, Film Theory and Practice, Non-Fiction Film, Experimental Film, Audio-visual Storytelling, Intercultural Communication, Indigenous Film, Collaborative Filmmaking, World Cinema, Film Festivals.

Selected Publications


  • Peer-reviewed: ‘Photography and touch - translating real-life experience into visual storytelling’ in: The International Journal of the Image; under consideration

  • Peer-reviewed: ‘Voice of the Arhuacos: Transcending the borders of ‘indigenous’ filmmaking in Colombia’, in: The Journal of Communication and Media Studies, Common Ground Research Networks; published in April 2019  (DOI: 10.18848/2470-9247/CGP/v04i02/45-52)

  • Peer-reviewed: ‘Intercultural communication and decolonial strategies in the Arhuaco filmmaking and collaborations’, together with a documentary ‘The Voice of the Sierra Nevada’, in: AnthroVision SI: Epistemic Disobedience: Transcultural and Collaborative Filmmaking as a Decolonial Option (forthcoming; estimated publication date: early 2019)


  • Peer reviewed: ‘Politics of representation, contexts of dissemination, and the indigenous communicators in Colombia’; accepted book publication by the Common Ground Research Network

Book Chapters

  • ´Sexuality and solitude in contemporary French cinema’ in: ‘Reżyserki Kina. Tradycja i współczesność’, edited by Małgorzata Radkiewicz’, Rabid, Krakow


Current Teaching

  • Non-Fiction Film Production

  • Film Practice: Processes and Deconstruction

  • Film Production Processes

  • Negotiated Film Project Research, Analysis and Communication

  • Design Futures


Dr Agata Lulkowska
School of Computing and Digital Technology
Staffordshire University
t: 01782 294000
e: Agata.Lulkowska@staffs.ac.uk
twitter: @AgataLulkowska