Ashley Gill

Job Title and Responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching:

Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Football Coaching & Performance & BA (Hons) Sports Coaching
Module Leader (Coaching & Teaching in Sport; Coaching & Teaching Invasion Games; Coaching, Analysis & Skill Acquisition; Professional Practice in Football; Talent ID & Dev in Football)
Level 4, 5 & 6 Tutor
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Dissertation Supervisor
Work Placement Supervisor
Teaching Excellence Fellow
Member of TEF Academy
Member of the College of Observer’s

About Me

My background is primarily one of teaching and coaching. I have taught on sports coaching related courses since 2007, and I have a multi-disciplinary perspective to sports education, specifically sports coaching. I have also been an active basketball coach for approximately 20 years, coaching at academies and basketball camps, as well as local, regional and junior national league teams.
I am a course leader for two undergraduate degrees delivered here at Staffordshire University, the BA Sports Coaching and BSc Football Coaching and Performance degree’s. It is my responsibility to oversee the delivery, resources and management of the specific programmes.

My general lecturing duties at Staffordshire University include developing curriculum, and planning and contributing to the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate awards in the subject area of sports coaching. My key duty is facilitating the teaching, learning and assessment of Higher Education (HE) students studying on a range of sport and exercise related degrees through engaging and innovative lectures and seminars. I also undertake duties of a work placement supervisor for an allocated number of students, supporting them in their professional development whilst both at university and outside in industry specific roles with our partners. Furthermore, I supervise students on their undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation research projects.
I am experienced at planning, developing and writing degree programmes. A recent project has been to plan, develop and write the BSc (Hons) Football Coaching and Performance accelerated degree, of which I am the course leader. This role required me to provide academic leadership for the course, ensuring that it reflects University and School policy, and practice and processes. Whilst also addressing and resolving issues relating to the quality of course delivery, student satisfaction, student progress and retention, as well as liaising effectively and working in a professional manner with all members of the sport and exercise team. The continual shaping and enhancement of the course design through curriculum development is also paramount to this role.

I am also a Teaching Excellence Fellow and as a result a Member of the Academy of Fellows. Being a member of the academy has significant responsibilities. My duties are as follows: to engage in continuous professional development; attend the Academy of Teaching Excellence Fellows networking forums; model excellent practice in my approach to teaching and/or the facilitation of student learning; act as an internal learning and teaching consultant giving views on new pedagogic policies, strategies and ways of working ; provide advice, guidance and mentoring to other staff; model excellent practice in the scholarship of learning and teaching by leading workshops, making poster presentations at relevant regional and national conferences and submit papers to relevant peer reviewed journals. Furthermore, my TEF fellowship started in August 2016, with the focus on increasing engagement and retention of students on their degree course. Specifically, numerous research articles are/will be focusing upon the experiences of sport and exercise students transitioning between the varying levels and types of education. A lot of students at Staffs Uni come from vocational education and training, and their experiences are invaluable in helping the university to develop provision, increase retention, and increase student satisfaction.


  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education – 2010 – Sheffield Hallam University

  • MSc Sport & Exercise Science – 2007 – Leeds Beckett’s University

  • BSc (Hons.) Sport & Exercise Science – 2003 – Nottingham Trent University

Professional Memberships and Activities

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

  • Teaching Excellence Fellow at Staffordshire University

  • Member of the Academy of Teaching Fellows at Staffordshire University

  • College of Observers

  • Member of Basketball England – Player’s Licence

  • Member of Basketball England for Coaches

  • QTLS


My subject specific expertise is in the field of sports coaching within participation and performance contexts, together with the application of sports science and other multidisciplinary perspectives to further enhance performance. Furthermore, I am committed to enhancing coach education within the sports and education industries to enhance the quality and provision of coaching at a local and regional level.

Teaching, learning and assessment of undergraduate students and study programmes is also an area that I have gained much expertise in and provide consultation where appropriate.

Research Interests

I conduct research and scholarly activity in education, with the aim of increasing engagement, increasing retention and ultimately student satisfaction. Furthermore, I am actively involved in research within the field of sports coaching, specifically coach education, children’s’ expectations of sports experiences, and practice design in sport. I am currently working towards completing a PhD based on my published educational research.

Selected Publications

Research Articles:

Gill, A. J. G. (2016, July 20). Performance vs. Participation in Youth Sports. The Sentinel. Retrieved from
Gill, A. J. G. Gill. (2017), The Transitional Experiences of Sport and Exercise Students from Further Education to Higher Education, Innovative Practice in Higher Education (3:1). Online:

Gill, A. J. G. (2017), The Thoughts, Feelings and Perceptions of Sports and Exercise Students Progressing from Vocational Education and Training to Academic Education, The Journal of Further and Higher Education, Taylor Francis, UK. [In Process]


Gill, A. J. G. (2017, June 13). Academic Skills in a Changing Landscape. Teaching and Learning Conference. Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent.

Gill, A. J. G. (2017, April 25). Effective intervention and early-engagement strategies for new students. Teaching Excellence Fellowship- Showcasing Event 'Daring to be Different'. Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent.
Gill, A. J. G. (2017, February 3). The Transitional Experiences of Sport and Exercise Students from FE to HE. Staffordshire University: Teaching and Excellence Forum. Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent.

Current Teaching

Coaching and Teaching in Sport (Level 4)
Coaching and Teaching Invasion Games (Level 4)
Developing Research Skills in Sport and Exercise (Level 4)
Research & Graduate Employment in Sport & Exercise (Level 5)
Coaching, Analysis and Skill Acquisition (Level 5)
Placement: Football Coaching and Performance (Level 5)
Contemporary Issues in Sports Coaching (Level 6)
Professional Practice in Football (Level 6)
Talent ID and Development in Football (Level 6)
Personal & Professional Development in Sport & Exercise [Dissertation] (Level 6)

Effective Coaching 1: Strategy and Practice
Research Project


Mr. Ashley J.G. Gill
Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching
School of Life Sciences and Education
Department of Sport and Exercise
Brindley Building
Leek Road Campus
Stoke on Trent
t: +44 (0)1782 294631