Dr Alison Griffiths

Job Title and Responsibilities

Senior Lecturer Electrical/Electronic Engineering - Staffordshire University

Course leader MSc Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy

Core member Centre for Energy Efficient Systems Research Centre

External Examiner at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UWTSD, Swansea

Visiting Lecturer ECAM in Lyons

IET Academic Liaison Officer

STEM Ambassador

Member of the Design and Engineering, strategy management team, responsible for Student Experience for Engineering, Surveys Lead, Welcome Week Steering Group and Library Committee.

About Me

Dr Griffiths has been researching, lecturing and supervising students (PhD/MSc/BEng) since 2002 at Staffordshire University on Engineering and Computing courses at both under-graduate and post-graduate levels, in face-to-face (F2F) and distance learning (D/L) modes of study.  She achieved her PhD in 2004 in wireless and mobile communications, became a Chartered Engineer (CEng) in 2006 and a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) in 2019.

She is an extremely active STEM Ambassador, promoting engineering within schools, colleges and at University at many events and competitions. 

2018/2019  she was awarded a Royal Society STEM Education Grant with Forsbrock Primary School, about “Life on Mars”. 
She is also involved with the KMF LTD #YEOTY outreach competition. She enjoys using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Microbits, LEGO NXTs and SPHEROs in her activities for a wide age range of students.

She initially spent 8 years in the Electrical Industry as a Technician, then Student Apprentice at GE GRID (ALSTOM T&D Protection & Control as was) whilst studying part-time.



 SFHEAAdvance HE2019 Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
CEng Royal Society of Engineering2006Chartered Engineer
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)Staffordshire University2003Mobile Communication Systems funded by (EPSRC) Grant: GR/M62457/01
M.Eng/B.Eng(Hons) (1st Class) Staffordshire University 1998Electronics and Electrical Engineering
BTEC HNC Staffordshire University 1995Electrical/Electronic Engineering, (six distinctions, four merits and one pass) 
BTEC ONCStafford College 1993 Electrical/Electronic Engineering (five distinctions and six merits)
GCSE Alleyne’s High School 1989 9 subjects grades A-C

Professional Memberships

  • Jan 2019 - present Awarded SFHEA Advance HE
  • Nov 2016-present  WISE Member
  • Jan 2010-present IET Academic Partnership Liaison, University Event Organiser
  • Jan 2008 - present STEM Ambassador
  • Jan 2006 Awarded Chartered Engineer Status from UK Engineering Council, CEng
  • April 2005 - present Committee Member IET North West Midlands Branch
  • Oct 2006 - Oct 2008 Chair IET North West Midlands Branch
  • July 1997-present Member of The Institute of Engineering & Technology, MIET



  • Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications and Engineering Solutions.
  • Smart Grids and their Protection and Renewable integration, Smart Homes
  • Wireless Sensor Network design, implementation & optimisation.
  • Including Wireless control of robots over Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) in congested conditions including Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Digital Signal Processing with a special interest in Voice and Image Processing Compression Techniques
  • Mobile computer and communications networks including Cellular, Personal and AD-Hoc Networks; Routing and user mobility issues (handover)
  • Programming and simulation tools: OPAL-RT, MATLAB, LABVIEW, OPNET, QUALNET

Enterprise and Commercial Activities

  • GE Collaboration
  • Engineering Consultancy and short courses
  • ALSR consultancy
  • JCB Sellafield collaborative work/consultancy
  • Smallpiece Trust Summer Workshop
  • Cribgoch Consultancy
  • Hillary Lister Consultancy

Research Interests

My research area includes smart grids and renewable integration including their associated protection equipment, communication protocols and security, wireless sensor networks, communications and signal/image processing.  I have successfully supervised 9 PhD students to completion, who now all work in Academia and Industry both nationally and internationally. I am internal and external examiner in MPhil/PhD VIVAs.


Current PhD Supervisions
2Smart Real-time monitoring optimisation for a heterogeneous Wireless Body Area Network
1Real-time HVDC transmission protection
Successful PhD Completions
9  Nov 2018Pre- and Post-Processing for Image Compression Enhancement
8Nov 2018Design an Intelligent Monitoring and Control (IMC) unit to implement intelligent monitoring and self-healing control for the smart grid
Feb 2018DC Line Protection for Multi-terminal HVDC Transmission Systems,
6Aug 2017Application-Aware Feature Utilisation for Optimised Sensing Node Characterisation within Resource Constrained Visual Sensor Networks
5Sept 2016Fault Diagnosis and Tolerant Control of Modular Multi-level Converters in HVDC Networks
4Oct 2015Optimization of Real-Time Network Control Systems over Mobile Ad Hoc-Networks
3July 2010Closed loop control over Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET)
2July 2009Development of a Delay Algorithm and a Co-Simulation Framework for NCS over MANETs
1July 2009 Investigation of layered Multi-Agent Architecture for managing the delivery of mobile content


Selected Publications  (some publications available online)

A full list of my 46 published works can be found on the following researcher databases:

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Journal Publications


YearS1#Paper detailsImpact factor
201914A. M. Khalili, Abdel-Hamid Soliman, Md Asaduzzaman, Alison Griffiths, 'Wi-Fi Sensing: Applications and Challenges' preprint 
201813Ikhide, M, Tennakoon, S, Ha, H, Griffiths, A, Subramanian, S & Adamczyk, A 2018, 'A transient and non-unit-based protection technique for DC grids based on the rate-of-change (R-o-C) of the fault induced travelling wave components' Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks. 0.769
12Monday Ikhide, Sarath B. Tennakoon, Alison L. Griffiths, Hengxu Ha, Sankara Subramanian, Andrzej J. Adamczyk “A novel time domain protection technique for multi-terminal HVDC networks utilising travelling wave energy”, Elsevier, Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, Volume 16, December 2018, Pages 300-314 0.769
11Monday Ikhide, Sarath Tennakoon, Alison Griffiths, Hengxu Ha, Sankara Subramanian, Andrzej Adamczyk “Transient-based protection technique for future DC grids utilising travelling wave power”, IET The Journal of Engineering, Volume 2018, Issue 15, October 2018, p. 1267 – 1273, DOI:  10.1049/joe.2018.0186 , Online ISSN 2051-3305 
201610A. Amjad, A. Griffiths and M. Patwary, "QoI-Aware Unified Framework for Node Classification and Self-Reconfiguration within Heterogeneous Visual Sensor Networks” IEEE Access Journal, Vol. 4, pp:9027-9042, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2016.2635941  1.27
9A Amjad, M Patwary, A L Griffiths and A-H Soliman "Characterization of Field-of-View for Energy Efficient Application-Aware Visual Sensor Networks" IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 16, Issue. 9, pp: 3109 - 3122 2016 (IF: 1.889) 1.889
8M Abdelsalam, M Marei, S Tennakoon and A L Griffiths, "Capacitor Voltage Balancing Strategy Based on Sub-module Capacitor Voltage Estimation for Modular Multilevel Converters." CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems, no. 1 (2016): 83-89 2015 
20157O E Egaji, A L Griffiths, M S Hasan. and H Yu, "A Comparison of Mamdani and Sugeno Fuzzy Based Packet Scheduler for MANET with a Realistic Wireless Propagation Model", IEEE International Journal of Automation and Computing (IJAC). Vol. 12, Issue 1. pp. 1-12, 2015 
20136O E Egaji, A L Griffiths, M S Hasan and H Yu, "Fuzzy logic based packet scheduling algorithm for Mobile ad-hoc Network with a realistic propagation model", International Journal of Automation and Computing (IJAC), 2013 
5J M M Kamal, M S Hasan, A L Griffiths, and H Yu., "Development and Verification of Simulation Model Based on Real MANET Experiments for Transport Layer Protocols (UDP and TCP)," International Journal of Automation and Computing, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 53-63, 2013 
20124A Amjad, A L Griffiths, and M P Patwary, “Multiple face detection algorithm using colour skin modelling”, IET Image Processing, vol. 6, pp. 1093–1101(8), November 2012 0.753
20093M S Hasan, H Yu, A L Carrington, T C Yang “Co-simulation of wireless networked control systems over mobile ad hoc network using SIMULINK and OPNET”, IET communications 2009, Volume 3, issue 8 pp. 1297-1310. (IF: 0.742) 0.742
20052M S Hasan, C Harding, H Yu, and A L Griffiths, "Modelling delay and packet drop in Networked Control Systems using Network Simulator NS2", International Journal of Automation and Computing (IJAC), vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 187-194, 2005. 
20011A L Heath, Carrasco R., “Simulation of Access For 3G IP WCDMA to Fixed Packet Switched Networks using OPNETTM”, IEE Electronics Letters, volume: 37 number: 11, 24 May 2001.  0.93

Selected conference / workshop publications


YearS1#Paper details
201931Ikhide, M, Tennakoon, S, Ha, H, Griffiths, A, Subramanian, S & Adamczyk, A 2018,"A Back-up protection strategy for future DC grids utilising travelling wave energy", The 15th IET international conference on AC and DC Power Transmission, ACDC 2019, 5-7 Feb 2019
201830Muhammad Majid Ali, A L Griffiths “Study of Brain Signal Extraction, Processing and Implementation”, IEEE Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Automation & Computing, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 6-7 September 2018
29M Ikhide, S Tennakoon, A L Griffiths, S Subramanian and H Ha "A transient based protection technique for future DC grids utilising travelling wave power” 14th IET International Conference on Development in Power System Protection (DPSP), March 2018
201728A. Amjad, M. Patwary and A. Griffiths, "Energy Efficient Self-Reconfiguration Scheme for Visual Information based M2M Communication," Submitted to 2017 IEEE 85th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), Sydney, 2017
201627M Ikhide, S Tennakoon, A L Griffiths, S Subramanian and H Ha “Limitations of di/dt Techniques in DC Line protection” 13th IET International Conference on Development in Power System Protection (DPSP), March 2016
26M Abdelsalam, H Y Diab, S Tennakoon, A L Griffiths and M I Marei, “Detection and Diagnosis of Sub-Module Faults for Modular Multilevel Converters” In Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), September 2016 51st International Universities. IEEE. Portugal
25Abdelsalam, M., Diab, H., Tennakoon, S. and Griffiths, A., 2016, September. "Reliability enhancement of modular multilevel converter by applying fault tolerant control." In Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), 2016 51st International Universities (pp. 1-5). IEEE
24Abdelsalam, M., Tennakoon, S.B., Griffiths, A.L. and Marei, M.I., 2016. "A smart fault detection and localization strategy of modular multi-level converters for HVDC networks" 5th IET International Conference on Renewable Power Generation (RPG) 2016
201523Abdelsalam, M., Tennakoon, S., Griffiths, A.L. and Marei, M., 2015, September. "Investigation of sub-module fault types of modular multi-level converters in HVDC networks." In Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), 2015 50th International Universities (pp. 1-6). IEEE
22M Ikhide; S Tennakoon; A L Griffiths; S Subramanian; H Ha “Fault detection in Multi-Terminal Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) based High Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission system” IEEE Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), 2015 50th International Universities, pp: 1 - 6, September 2015
201321O E Egaji, A L Griffiths, M S Hasan, H Yu., “Development of a realistic simulation model for IEEE 802.11n based on Experimental Result,” 7th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2013), 2013
20O E Egaji., A L Griffiths, M S Hasan. and H Yu ,"Fuzzy logic based packet scheduling algorithm for Mobile ad-hoc Network with a realistic propagation model" 19th International Conference on Automation and Computing (ICAC 2013), Birmingham, UK, (ICAC 2013)

Current Teaching



  • ELEC71030 Smart Grids: Intelligent Networked Power Engineering
  • ELEC71070 Wireless Communications And Networking
  • ELEC70309 Voice & Data over Broadband Networks (Post-Grad)
  • ELEC70272 Telecommunications (Post-Grad)
  • ELEC70312 MSc Project (Post-Grad) – created facebook group, dropbox and YouTube video tutorial  

 Under-Graduate - Distance Learning (DL) or Work Based Learning (WBL)

  • ELEC50218 Digital Design and Embedded Software 1 delivered at ECAM, France and Staffordshire University
  • ELEC50401 Signals, Systems and Embedded Software I
  • ELEC50302 Communications (DL) – developed video lectures
  • ELEC50306 Signal Processing (DL) – developed video lectures
  • ELEC60303 Data Communication Systems (DL) developed video lectures

Under-Graduate – Face to Face, F2F

  • ELEC50224 Signals, Systems and Communications – developed video lectures
  • ELEC50401 Signals, Systems and Embedded Software I 
  • ELEC50218 Digital Design and Embedded Software 1 
  • ELEC61051 Wireless Communication Engineering Applications – Developed Video Lectures
  • ELEC60220 Digital Communications: Processing and Applications – developed video lectures
  • MECH60714 Engineering Project  – created facebook group, dropbox and YouTube video tutorial
  • MECH60732 Final Work Based Project (DL)
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Dr Alison Griffiths
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t: +44 (0)1785 353292
e: a.l.Griffiths@staffs.ac.uk
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