Marc Estibeiro

Job title and responsibilities

Associate Professor of Music

About me

I play guitar player and am an active composer. My library music has been accepted for broadcast by a variety of media outlets, including Channel 5 and the BBC.


I have degrees in Music, Music Technology and Applied Linguistics from Middlesex University, Essex University and Bangor University.

In 2016, I received his PhD in Composition from Durham University.

Research interests

My academic work focuses on composing music for acoustic instruments and electronics. My work has been presented at conferences, workshops, concerts and seminars in:

  • France (IRCAM, Paris)

  • Italy (Conservatorio di Musica, Cagliari)

  • Mexico (Visiones Sonoras, Morelia)

  • China (ICMC, Shanghai 2017; International Guitar Research Conference Hong Kong 2019)

  • Germany (MuSa 2017 and 2018, Karlsruhe)

  • Canada (Brandon University March 2018)

  • South Korea (ICMC 2018)

  • United Kingdom (University of Wales, Staffordshire University, Durham University, Keele University and others).


Marc Estibeiro
t: 01785 353737