Dr Syed M Taqi Zaidi

Job Title and Responsibilities

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

I am responsible for Development, Design, Delivery and assessment of modules at various levels. I teach introduction to Financial Accounting at Level 4 and also responsible for personal tutoring and mentoring of Accounting and Finance students at UG level. I teach advances corporate finance, management control and internal audit and Business analytics at PG level.
I am also Responsible for managing MBA supervisions involving 13 faculty members. I am responsible for managing this module.
I am Currently supervising 3 PhD students as the second supervisor. One of the students is examining the role of corporate governance in FE colleges in the UK.
I also supervise 3 DBA students as either first or second supervisor.
I am responsible for monitoring and moderating all accounting and finance modules delivered at our partner institutes in Malaysia (APU), Vietnam (BUV), SriLanka (APIIT), China (CDUT) and Oman (Gulf College)
I also have served as External PhD Examiner.
I am also Responsible for compiling and collecting module monitoring reports (MMRs) and helping in Annual Monitoring Reports (AMRs)
I am Responsible for internal moderation and scrutiny of all accounting and Finance related modules at Staffordshire University.

About Me

I joined Staffordshire University as a Lecturer in Accounting and Finance in February 2017. Before joining Staffordshire I commenced my PhD at Loughborough University. My area of research includes topics in corporate governance, corporate finance, financial accounting, and behavioural finance. I am currently working in the field of corporate governance. The focus of my research is the study of board duty and board members and their role on effective decision-making and on their firm’s performance.

I have completed my MSc in Finance from Lancaster University, UK. I also hold an MBA (Finance) degree from Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan. Before coming to the UK to study for my MSc, I worked for two years as a full-time lecturer at COMSATS, a public university of Pakistan.

My career objective is to excel in the field of academic teaching and research with the help of providing consistently improved skills and updated knowledge to students and performing research activities in the Accounting and Finance disciplines.




Professional Memberships and Activities

Member of British Accounting and Finance Association
Member of American Finance Association
Member of International Corporate Governance Society

Skills and Expertise

  •  Professional user of tools in quantitative research methods (STATA and SPSS)

  • Basics of C++ and SAS

  • Expert in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

Research Interests

My main research interest is to work in the field of Accounting and Finance especially corporate finance, financial reporting, corporate governance, and financial markets.
The focus of my current research is the study of boards, specifically the use and usefulness of multiple board positions in UK boards. My research also aims to study the various characteristics of board members like gender, nationality and ethnic background.

My research is currently concentrated in the following area:

Corporate governance and firm performance

The objective of this stream of research is to understand the relationship of impact of board function and firm performance. The topics I am interested include:

  • Looking at boards of directors and firm performance;
  • Investigating the role of board committees (Audit, Nomination, and Remuneration);
  • Looking at gender-diverse boards and their effectiveness.

The research method involves modelling the dynamic relationship between firm performance and governance characteristics. The methods include dynamic panel data regression methods, like fixed effects and random effects modelling, and the general method for moments (GMM).
I am also keen to read and do research in the broad field of corporate finance.


Papers in progress:

  •  ‘Too busy to care or more is better: A review of the impact of multiple directorships on firm behaviour.’

  • ‘The impact of multiple board seats on performance: Evidence from the United Kingdom.’

  • ‘The impact of over-boarded Directors on the Firm Performance: Evidence from Pakistan.’

  •  ‘Corporate Governance, Theories and its mechanisms: A comprehensive review of the Literature.’

Past Publication

  1. Wajid, R.A., Zaidi, N.R., Zaidi, M.T., Zaidi, F.B. Relationship between demographic characteristics and work engagement among public sector university teachers of Lahore. Interdiscip. J. Contemp. Res. Bus. 2011;3 : 110–122.

  2. Zaidi, N. R., Wajid, R. A., Zaidi, F. B., Zaidi, G. B., & Zaidi, M. T. (2013). The big five personality traits and their relationship with work engagement among public sector university teachers of Lahore. African Journal of Business Management, 7(15), 1344-1353.

Current Teaching

Level 4:
 Introduction to Financial Accounting
 Financial Management
 Resourcing the Organisation
Level 5:
 Financial Reporting
Level 6:
 Supervising Financial Research

Level 7:  MSc Accounting and Finance
 Advanced Corporate Finance
 Business Analytics
 Management Control and Internal Audit
 Project Supervision (Finance)


Dr Syed M Taqi Zaidi
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Staffordshire Business School
LW002 Ashley 2
Leek Road,
Stoke on Trent, ST4 2DF
United Kingdom
t: +44 (0)1782 294129
e: syed.zaidi@staffs.ac.uk