What to pack

Hand Luggage

In here you will need all of the important documents you have, including a copy of your accommodation information and address, and some passport sized pictures (remember to keep a copy of all your important documents in your main luggage also as a spare). We suggest you pack a jumper or coat as it may be cooler in the UK compared to your home country. Also you will need your money, mobile phone and/or tablet. We also advise if possible to have a light change of clothes and some essential in case of any unexpected luggage issues. Please be aware that there are certain restrictions and items that are banned from hand luggage. Please make sure you are aware of this information by reading the official information on the UK government's website.

Electricals, chargers and adapters

You may remember to pack your phone / tablet, but don't forget the charger for it too! Also the standard voltage and frequency of the electricity supply in the UK is 230 v 50 Hz. Avoid bringing any items that aren't compliant with the standard voltage, unfortunately they carry a high fire risk and, if used on-campus, will be confiscated for the safety of our students. Don't worry though, the UK is packed with electrical stores, so you'll be able to find everything you need once y ou're here. 

UK appliances are fitted with three-pin plugs that can be connected to the UK mains supply through wall sockets – make sure you've turned it on if you're trying to charge your appliance! To charge devices that are compatible with this voltage, simply buy the appropriate adapter from the airport or from high street shops such as Argos. If your device runs on a lower voltage, however, then you will also need a converter to stop it from overheating.

Clothes and the UK weather

If one thing can be said about the UK weather, it is that it is unreliable! So it's a good idea to bring a selection of light clothes that you can be worn in layers as well as some warm outer clothing and a waterproof coat or umbrella. Good shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, and thick socks, are essential in the winter but can be bought at a reasonable price in the UK. Remember - the more you pack the more you will have to carry around! Because of this it is also essential that you check your luggage weight allowance with your airline to ensure you don't go over and get charged money! If you need to bring more items with you consider having them sent once you are in the UK and in your permanent accommodation.

Bedding and kitchen items

It may be worth contacting your accommodation to find out what is provided and what is not. We don't recommend you bringing large bulky items such as bedding and kitchen appliances from home as this will make your luggage heavy and will affect your weight allowance. It can be brought in the UK should you need it. There are also companies in the UK that allow you to buy "student starter bundles" of bedding and kitchen appliances, that can be delivered to your accommodation.

Personal items

Make your new home your own - bring some personal items such as photos, pictures and small ornaments that will make your new home feel a little more welcoming.

There are goods that are restricted or prohibited from the UK. Please visit https://www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods/banned-and-restricted-goods  to find out more.

If you have any questions regarding paying tax on personal goods being brought into the UK, please visit https://www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods/ overview for more details.

Please always make sure you pack your own luggage so that you know what you are carrying, so that if a customs officer asks anything you can answer

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