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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to our most common questions, including what we have been doing to ensure a COVID-19 secure nursery that also maintains a fun and safe learning environment for all children in our care as well as our general business as usual guidance.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Nursery on 01782 294981 or at


When did the nursery re-open?

The University Nursery reopened following the Government’s announcement on Monday 1 June 2020 that the five tests for easing lockdown in England have been met which enabled children to be welcomed back to early years and childcare settings.

Following this, the Government has since confirmed new revisions to the protective measures outlined for Early Years Settings that will come into effect from Monday 20 July 2020. As part of the revisions, settings will no longer be required to keep children in small, consistent groups within the nursery, however have been advised to continue to minimise the mixing of children where possible.

We have written to all parents/guardians of children currently cared for by the nursery to let them know of the provisions we have put in place and continue to provide new updates when Government guidance impacting our operations changes.  

We will continue to update and review our guidance in line with the latest official guidance from the UK Government and other relevant authorities to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all children, staff and parents/guardians.

What measures have you taken to protect children, staff and parents/guardians?

To protect our children, staff and parents/guardians as much as possible we will continue with enhancements to our operational practices, and sustain our adaptations to our building, resources and activities. This includes the following measures:

  • From August 2020 we will be putting a cap on the number of children allowed in the nursery at any one time to ensure a COVID safe nursery environment. Children will be cared for in three small groups. Each group will have a small consistent team allocated to them who have undertaken online training in Prevent Covid-19.
  • Whilst Children will not forced to socially distance within their designated groups, contact with other children from different groups will be minimised throughout the nursery. The Groups will have their own designated toilets, changing and handwashing facilities that will be cleaned after each use.
  • We have reconfigured furniture and have had to say a temporary goodbye to some of the activities and resources that may pose a greater risk of cross-contamination or too difficult to clean and maintain after each play session. However, your child’s day will still be filled with lots of exciting activities, resources and learning opportunities.

What health, hygiene and safety procedures have been put in place at the Nursery in light of COVID-19?

We have reviewed and enhanced our Health, Hygiene and Safety procedures at the nursery to reduce the possible transmission of COVID-19. This includes the following measures:

  • We have installed additional handwashing sinks inside and out and increased hand sanitiser stations in corridors. Handwashing will be increased and closely monitored by the team we have developed strategies to embed this into key routines.
  • All contact points will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • No parents, visitors’ cleaners or maintenance staff will access the building whilst children are in attendance unless an emergency or essential work arises.
  • All Staff at the Nursey are qualified in Paediatric first aid.

What if my child/children, another child or, a staff member is sick – will they still be able to attend Nursery?

We have reviewed our admission and sickness policy and in order to promote the children’s and our colleagues health and well-being further and we have added the following measures:

  • Any child who is considered at risk / vulnerable to Coronavirus due to underlying health issues must not attend nursery.
  • We are asking that children and staff who have been administered or required to take any medication that may mask the coronavirus symptoms (such as; anti-pyretic) or have discharge from their nose, ears or eyes to not attend nursery. 
  • Any child / staff member who is displaying coronavirus symptoms, or lives/ been in contact with someone displaying symptoms must not attend the nursery.
    Please inform the nursery if your child is displaying any of the symptoms regardless of whether they were due to attend or not. A test must be undertaken ASAP via NHS UK or by contacting NHS 119. If tests return negative the child will be able to return to nursery. If a test returns positive, the household must remain in isolation for 14 days and the NHS Test and Trace will call for recent contacts. All direct and close contacts will be excluded from the nursery and advised to self-isolate for 14 days starting from the day they were last in contact with the case.

What if my child/children, another child or, a staff member becomes sick whilst at the nursery?

If a child becomes ill during their time at nursery, we have a child friendly isolation/ sick room where they will be kept safe with their key person until they are collected. Please ensure that we always have your up to date contacts details so we can contact you immediately.

Are there any changes to the drop off and collection procedure?

From Tuesday 1 September 2020 parents/guardians will be expected to adhere to social distancing and go to their designated drop off area when the space is free.

All children will be allocated designated greeting points and waiting areas. We have developed three greeting points which are numbered 1, 2, 3 and three corresponding waiting areas. These correspond with your family group. (e.g. Greeting point 1 to wait at waiting point 1) We are asking all parents/guardians to wait in their car, or at the far end of the car park if arriving by foot; until their signposted waiting area is free.

Handovers - A member of the team will come to greet you at a safe distance and complete a handover of any essential information. All notifiable accident and injury forms should be completed online or prior to attendance. Drop off and collection should be one parent/ guardian only and no siblings (if possible).

Please bring only the essential items for your child such as spare clothes, pants, creams and nappies and where possible for these to be always kept in nursery.

I would like to enrol my child/children at the nursery. Are you still accepting applications for places at the Nursery? How do I apply?

Yes. We are accepting applications for places for children at the nursery.

Our Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' nursery provides full day-care for children ages 0 to 5 and is accepting applications from students, staff and members of the local community. Full and part time sessions are available, so be sure to request a place as soon as you can.

Will I be able to come and see the facilities?

We are currently arranging tours and visits outside opening hours and are tailoring these sessions to suit parent and family needs.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss this further via email at , Sue (Nursery Manager) on 01782 294495/ 01782 294981 or Amanda (Head of Childcare & Family Services) on: 01782 294973.

Settling In Visits

We will organise free settling in visits for new children to give opportunity for you to get to know us and your child to slowly become familiar with the environment.

Further Information:

If you have any queries or wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us via our email , Sue (Nursery Manager) on 01782 294495/ 01782 294981 or Amanda (Head of Childcare & Family Services) on: 01782 294973.

For more information on the University’s Nursery facilities please visit:

For more information on how the University is responding to COVID-19 across our campuses please visit our Coronavirus advice pages.

For the latest public guidance, advice and information on COVID-19 and current lockdown restrictions in place within the UK please refer to the below websites and resources.


General business as usual FAQs

What if my child is ill?

Firstly, we want to support you and your family as much as possible and we understand that children often get things like coughs, colds and other childhood illnesses.

If you feel that your child is well enough to cope with the nursery day, we will endeavour to support their care and well-being. We can administer some medications such as those prescribed by a doctor.

On occasions your child may need to have time off nursery to recover and to limit the spread of infection. We follow the Public Health Agency guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings, with regards to exclusionary periods. In addition to being available online, a copy will be given to you in your welcome pack.

My child has dietary requirements

We are proud to hold the ‘Food for Life’ healthy eating award which ensures a well-balanced diet is provided for your child. Our menus are shared with parents and individual dietary requirements are catered for.

My child is just a fussy eater, can I bring my own food?

We offer a wide variety of food through our 4 weekly menus, offering food of different styles and cultures, during breakfast, lunch and light tea. Fresh fruit and vegetable are also available throughout the day. Therefore, we do not allow packed lunches or own food to be brought into the nursery and will work with you and your child to support and encourage them to eat well and to develop a positive relationship with food.

Do I pay if I am away on holiday?

Yes. All absences due to holidays or sickness will need to be paid in full. Bank holidays and nursery closures are not charged.

What are your sessions?

For full details, please see the information on our nursery sessions.

Can I change my booking?

Yes. If you wish to increase your booking this can be done immediately if there are sessions available. Any booking reductions or cancellations must be done in writing giving a minimum of one calendar months’ notice.

What do I need to bring?

This will vary depending on your child’s age and stage of development. The staff within your child’s room will discuss this with you before you start.

Your child will need suitable clothing to be able to enjoy and participate in the full nursery day. So please do not bring your child in their best clothes and we encourage spare clothes to be left on their peg. Our nursery day includes time outdoors in all weather. So, please remember to think about whether things like wellies, or sun cream are needed.

I breast feed, how does the nursery support this?

We welcome parents to come to breast feed their child during their time at nursery. We have a parent’s room available if you prefer a private space. We can also store expressed milk if needed.

Can I park to drop off/pick up my child?

The hotel next to the nursery has a car park with timed usage. This allows 10 minutes free parking for you to drop off or pick up your child. If you feel you’re are going to be in the nursery for longer please go into the hotel reception and enter your registration number.

Where can I find information on Nursery fees?

Please visit our fees and funding at the nursery page for the latest information on fees and funding.

How can I pay my nursery fees?

To make payment for your Nursery Fees online please visit our online payment portal.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes. The nursery accepts vouchers from any employer’s childcare scheme. For full details, see our information on fees and funding.