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What to expect on the selection day

On the day of your interview, you will be invited to attend a number of welcome talks that take place on Microsoft Teams Live. You will be sent an email with all the relevant information of how to join these virtual meetings as well as those important dates and times. This email will also contain contact details in case you encounter any issues on the day.

You will also receive an invitation with a specific time slot for your individual interview that takes place after the welcome talks. Please ensure that you take note of this time. The invite will have a “Click here to join the meeting” link which is usually located near the bottom of the email, to join the meeting just click this link approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your allotted time in case you experience any technical issues, and your interview panel will then join you at the scheduled time.

What to expect during your interview

The focus of this part of the day is to ensure that you reflect the values of the University and the Midwifery profession. We don’t want you to be nervous about this – we don’t use ‘trick questions’ at Staffordshire University. You’ll do well in our interview if you come with good answers to the following three questions:

  • Why do you want to become a Midwife?
  • What do you understand the role of a Midwife to be?
  • What have you done to prepare for the Midwifery course and for your future as a Midwife?

Your interview is an opportunity to tell us why you want to start your journey to becoming a Midwife here with us at Staffordshire University. It is also time for you to show us what skills and experiences you have had previously that have shaped you into the person you are today as well as demonstrating why these skills will aid you on your path to becoming a registered Midwife.

The interview usually lasts approximately 20 minutes and is led by an academic within the school of Health, Science, and Wellbeing. These include practitioners such as Nurses, Midwives, Paramedics and Operating Department Practitioners. These professionals are supported by Students and service users. At Staffordshire University, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to our courses. This lends itself to our interprofessional education, allowing you to work alongside these practitioners as you move through your course and then into your future practice. You will not be disadvantaged if you are not interviewed by a Midwife, as there is always a Midwifery lead on hand that decides all overall outcomes and that can answer any questions that cannot be answered by your interview panel.

How to prepare

During your interview we will be looking to see:

  • Your current understanding of the Midwifery profession.
  • Who regulates us as well as our professional responsibilities?
  • What qualities we as Midwives should demonstrate?
  • What challenges you feel you may encounter and how you may overcome these?
  • How have you prepared yourself for studying at Staffordshire University?

We know that interviews can be a daunting event however good preparation is key to helping you show us why you would make an excellent nurse. This may take different forms for each of you, however some good ways to prepare are to research the profession you want to join.

Points to note:

  • Familiarise yourself with our regulating body, The Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC). This is vital to show that you fully understand what is expected of you as a student Midwife but also what is expected once you qualify.
  • Think about reading some recognised midwifery journals or listening to the many podcasts available. You may also find it helpful to see what topical issues are voiced within the news and social media.
  • Consider taking some additional courses. There are many free courses available to increase your academic skills as well as some that relate specifically to midwifery. Digital skills can also be particularly helpful.
  • Think about how you will manage your work life balance - being organised is the key. Studying midwifery is a full-time course with not only your academic work to consider but also working on placement. This does equate to a full working week and many students need to balance this with their home lives. Consider what support you may need to enable this.

Interview advice

  1. Dress appropriatley

    Dress smartly but be comfortable – you might not need a suit, but smart trousers/skirt and a shirt/blouse will show you're taking it seriously.

  2. Arrive in good time

    Give yourself plenty of time to attend – have our contact details handy so you can let us know just in case you're delayed.

  3. Body language

    Watch your body language – don't slouch, yawn or fold your arms – stay calm and alert, sit up straight and make eye contact.

  4. Expect the unexpected

    Don't worry if you don't understand – ask them to repeat or rephrase the question, make a good guess, or relate it to something you know better.

  5. Ask questions

    Ask us questions too – this shows enthusiasm and gives you chance to get answers you haven't found yet.

The UCAS website has more general undergraduate interview tips.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck and we look forward to meeting you on your interview day.

Although our selection days will be delivered virtually we want to ensure that you have an opportunity to visit the campus. As well as our Open Days, we'll be hosting bespoke campus tours in future, which you'll be invited to attend.

Open days

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We would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck and we look forward to meeting you on your interview day.
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