Business And Management MPhil/PhD

Location Stoke-on-Trent Campus
Duration 6 Years

2019/20 New Entrants, Part Time

  • Home and EU students: £2,163 per year of study
  • International students: £6,250 per year of study
Course start January
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Stoke-on-Trent CampusPart-time2019/20 Academic YearApply Direct
Stoke-on-Trent CampusPart-time2020/21 Academic YearApply Direct

We offer MPhil and PhD courses in Business and Management (for the detail about the research profile and areas of expertise of Staffordshire Business School, please visit this page ). We currently have around 40 students who study full-time, part-time or by blended. These students share and contribute to a vibrant research community that operates at the cutting edge of knowledge.

Course outline

There are several routes to gaining a PhD.

  • MPhil/PhD is the most common route for Business and Management students. The MPhil stage usually includes a critical review of existing academic literature on the subject and often a pilot research study. This can then be written up (c 30,000 words) and successful students are awarded an MPhil. Alternatively if you decide to progress to the PhD you can do so by a short report (c5,000 words) which acts as a summary of the work done so far and a plan for the PhD itself. At University students can undertake an MPhil or MPhil/PhD by part-time, full-time or blended learning.

Direct PhD is more suitable if you already have a Masters degree in the intended area for the PhD. Please Note MBAs and other generalist business Masters qualifications do not fall into this category so you'll need to take another route (e.g. MPhil/PhD).  Direct PhD study can be completed by full-time, part-time or blended learning.

Part-time fees

Fees for part-time study are pro-rata to that paid for full-time study. This means that regardless of whether you choose part-time or full-time study, you pay broadly the same amount for the course you choose to undertake.

The duration of the course and the fees you are charged each year or semester are determined by the speed at which you wish to progress through the course. This is called the 'intensity of study'. So if you choose to study at half the rate of a full-time  student, you’d pay half the full-time course fees each year, and take twice as long to complete your course compared to full-time. If you choose to study at a different intensity this will alter the duration and fee payment rate. If you would like to discuss what this means to you then please get in touch with our Enquiries Team.

Course content

The regulations at Staffordshire University award a PhD to candidates who have ‘critically investigated an approved topic resulting in an independent and original contribution to knowledge and demonstrated an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field, (and) has presented and defended a thesis by oral examination … to the satisfaction of examiners.’

Time commitment

The minimum and maximum time periods for MPhil/PhD and Direct PhD study are shown as follows:

MPhil only


Minimum 18 months, maximum 36 months


Minimum 24 months, maximum 48 months



Minimum 30 months, maximum 48 months


Minimum 42 months, maximum 72 months

PhD Direct Entry


Minimum 24 months, maximum 48 months


Minimum 36 months, maximum 72 months

Full-time students

Full time students need to work 37 hours a week, although many work longer hours.

Part time students

Part time students should budget around 20 hours a week. Multiplying 20 hours per week by the number of years gives a realistic base from which to assess the PhD time commitment and keeping a job. Many people can work 60 hours per week for a few weeks, but this is a substantial commitment over many years. Calculate if you have the resources to do this – time, money, energy, etc. Think also about how you can arrange your other commitments (family, friends, earning money etc.) so that you can successfully complete your PhD over this long period of time. Only one time extension is available. We will screen you carefully to make sure you intend to finish and also that we can contribute to your studies by providing strong supervision.

Blended learning students

You are normally at Staffordshire University for at least three months each year and work as a full-time student in that period. In the first year this is usually for the Semester 1 teaching period, and in subsequent years by arrangement with your supervisory team. When you return to your home base you are expected to continue your work as a part time student. 

Entry requirements

Masters degree in a relevant area in Business or Management.

In your application, we’ll want to know the area of academic knowledge you want to place your PhD study in. We will then assess whether we can provide supervisors who have the knowledge of your academic area. In order to succeed, you’ll need to demonstrate capability in using research methods – we insist that all successful applicants enrol on a university-wide research methods course.


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