Events at Staffordshire University

Computing Part-Time Open Evening


September 6 Thursday

Computing part-time non virtual and virtual open evenings. An open evening for part time Computing awards with attendance and for part-time distance learning students virtually via Skype at undergraduate and masters level. The open evening runs from 5pm to 7pm and each attendee gets allocated a 15 to 30 minute time slot. Please email Jonathan on or ring 01782 294618 to arrange a time slot.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Events - Law, Policing and Forensics

Artificial Life: Mimicking Nature for Reliable and Secure Computer Systems, Inaugural Professorial Lecture, By Professor Elhadj Benkhalifa


September 26 Wednesday

This talk will shed lights on the concept of Artificial Life (A-Life) and the latest advances in the field and future projections. The main essence of these projects is biologically and nature inspired for self-organising, self healing and self-adaptive computer system for enhanced reliability and resilience. Refreshments served from 5.30pm Book by contacting

What Brexit tells us about the British by Professor Danny Dorling


September 26 Wednesday

Professor Danny Dorling,Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford will discuss what Brexit tells us about the British. Whatever kind of Brexit occurs - hard, soft, or even a cancellation and staying in the European Union - the public and especially school children (who had no vote) are going to be asking questions about why this has happened and what it means.

Profs in the Pav: 5 things everyone should know about crime by Professor James Treadwell


October 1 Monday

Professor of Criminology James Treadwell opens our Profs in the Pav Crime Series by talking the truth behind the myths and drawing on the contents of his new book co-authored with Adam Lynes entitled "50 facts everyone should know about crime and punishment in Britain." Refreshments served from 5.30pm Book your place by contacting

Staffordshire University Performance Psychology Conference

Big Biology Day

Black History Month Lecture, By BBC Correspondent, Clive Myrie


October 15 Monday

For more information please contact

Profs in Dudley's: Believe, Listen and respect - Victims v Perpetrators by Associate Professor Margaret Bannerman


October 25 Thursday

Margaret Bannerman, senior lecturer in sexual health, gives a fascinating insight into the specialist roles of Forensic Health Practitioner working in Custody and the Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) in Sexual Assault settings. Discover the vital role they play in the criminal justice system and how they are caring for people at the most vulnerable time in their lives and in some of the most challenging environments in healthcare. To book contact