Events at Staffordshire University

Could it be Sepsis - Conference

Profs in Dudley's: Believe, Listen and respect - Victims v Perpetrators by Associate Professor Margaret Bannerman


October 25 Thursday

Margaret Bannerman, senior lecturer in sexual health, gives a fascinating insight into the specialist roles of Forensic Health Practitioner working in Custody and the Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) in Sexual Assault settings. Discover the vital role they play in the criminal justice system and how they are caring for people at the most vulnerable time in their lives and in some of the most challenging environments in healthcare. To book contact

Microplastics under scrutiny with the Rozalia Project: We are eating our fleece! by Rachel Miller


October 29 Monday

A presentation by Rachel Miller about your clothers, your washer, microfiber pollution and how you can all get ahead of the problem. To confirm your attendance please contact Julie Evans - 01782294598

Profs in the Pav: A Shot in the Dark: Follow that Gun, by Associate Professor Rachel Bolton King


November 5 Monday

With violent crime on the rise, Associate Professor Rachel Bolton-King takes us on an interactive journey, following the life of a gun from creation to destruction. Through this perspective she explores gun crime and the latest methods used to solve shooting incidents across international borders. Refreshments from 5.30pm To book your place contact