The Great Minds Bus Tour

The Great Minds Bus Tour has finished for this year, but will return in 2020. Details and dates for the next tour will be released soon.

What's on board?

From the second your students step on board we'll take them on a journey into their future, without even leaving the car park. We're literally bringing uni life to their doorstep by combining all things Staffordshire University together. They'll immerse themselves in our exclusive and cutting-edge Virtual Reality Experience, this is an interactive glimpse into life on campus. They'll get to kick back and watch the epic Staffs: The Movie, a short film about our university in our very own on-board cinema.

By climbing up the stairs of the double decker, students will be transported to Staffordshire University's Ember lounge and get to chat over a coffee with our student ambassadors about university life and their potential future.

Why Staffs?

At Staffordshire University we plan for the future, but live in the here and now. We're about the experience of uni, just as much as the end goal. We believe our students should leave with much more than just a degree, but with real world experience, confidence and everything they need to succeed beyond the four walls of a lecture hall.

Work experience. Guaranteed.

Who says students have never done a day's work?

Get more than a degree. Get an edge. From September 2016, all new Staffordshire University students will be guaranteed the opportunity of work experience.

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We're investing in your students' future

We're here to help

To register your interest or ask any questions at all, please contact the Education Liaison team by calling 01782 292773 or emailing us at

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