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HM Forces student resources

As a Staffordshire University student studying whilst working in the Armed Forces you are entitled to various support that you can access either electronically or, if you are near to one of our campuses, then by visiting us in person. You will need to have your Staffordshire University student ID card to access some of these resources.

What University electronic resources can I access?

Most e-resources now use your University Login to authenticate access and your username is printed on your student card.

How do I find out what my University Student username and password details are?

  • Instructions plus new updates and online help for accessing online resources can be found.

  • Your password is initially set to your date of birth as a six digit number with no spaces. i.e. if your date of birth is 30th September 1982 then your password would be: 300982.

  • It is recommended that you change your password at your first opportunity. Passwords can only be changed while on campus at the university – if you are a distance learner who wishes to find out more details or change your password please contact Digital Services.

What do I do if I havn't received my student card or my student username and password?

Check with your tutor/ administrator who will contact the University Information Centre to get your card to you as soon as possible.

Student email

Every student is issued with an email address as soon as they are registered at Staffordshire University.  You are then responsible for checking your email account on a regular basis.  During the academic year confirmation emails will be sent to you every month to confirm your details as stored on the University database.  Information will also be provided to inform you of changes in regulations or health/student related issues or any other important issues that you should know about. 

This is the quickest and most convenient way of keeping you informed and to ensure that important information is not missed it is essential that email is checked regularly.  It is your responsibility to do this at least weekly.

All student email addresses conform to the standard format given below:

To access your email you can use Outlook web access, the Applicant Portal (e:VisionStaffs) or even use your mobile phone. To access your email connect to the web page and follow the instructions given.

Applicant Portal

The Applicant Portal (e:VisionStaffs) is your personalised web page, with extra windows opening onto many of the systems and services you access in your job or studies. You can also use the Applicant Portal to access email and other services off campus.

Log in to the Applicant Portal (e:VisionStaffs) with your Staffordshire University username and password.

There is also our VPN (Virtual Private network) service which enables staff and students to create a secure connection to the University Network and gain access to resources off campus.

Using MyPortal you can:

  • Access your university email

  • Access Faculty specific RSS Newsfeeds

  • Access other systems such as Blackboard, Pebblepad, ASK and Live Help

  • View news, announcements and events

  • View your library account details including books previously on loan

  • View your contacts, tasks and calendar

  • View useful links

  • Store your favourite RSS Newsfeeds in one place

  • Customise your view of the portal

  • Create your own favourite page using a selection of available portlets

  • View your personal details

  • View your module details

  • Enrol online

  • Students eligible for graduation will be able to book tickets online


Our eresource collections offer a wide range of information held in searchable online databases. Just enter your usual University username and password when prompted to do so for access off-campus.

eBooks are electronic versions of the printed books that you might find on the shelf in the library. The only difference is that you can read them online (and print from them), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on or off campus.

Our eBooks are supplied by a variety of providers and major publishers, with several eBook providers to choose from.  There are over 30,000 eBooks covering all subject areas. You can search the entire collection by keyword, subject or publisher and print pages or copy and paste results.

Further details are available in our Library eBook guidance.

Postal loans

For Distance Learners and other Staffordshire University students based in the UK who can’t easily visit one of our site libraries, we offer a Postal Loans service. Through this service you can request to have 4 books at any one time posted to you. Short Loan items are not available as Postal Loans.

Books will be posted to you free of charge within the UK, but it is your responsibility to ensure their safe return and to pay for any postage costs.

Please see how to request / reserve items on the catalogue.

Online help and support

Help is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so there is no need to panic! Chat online using live help, email, or telephone our 24 hour helpline: 01782 294771 / 294135.

Support for your study

To give you the best possible chance of academic success, we can help improve your academic skills through these guides. We can also show you the correct way to go about academic writing and referencing, including how to avoid plagiarism.

We’ve put together a range of online support tools in our online Assignment Survival Kit (ASK) that is packed with tips and advice.

Academic Skills Service

Academic skills are all about helping you become a more effective learner at University level and developing the research and study skills that will help you now and in the future.  the Academic Skills Know-how team provides you with support in developing and improving these skills.  There are Subject Librarians, Study Skills and IT staff who can help you.

The Study Skills team can provide individual confidential sessions, where we look at ways you could improve your academic work.  We are happy to provide support via email or using technologies such as Skype for example.

We see students who would like to discuss their:- 

  • Assignment planning
  • Assignment writing
  • Presentations
  • Exam preparation
  • Academic language 
  • Any other issue which you believe is stopping you achieve your best!

We also have a range of information to help you on our Academic Skills Guide pages.

There is a Subject Librarian for each subject area who can help advise you on research and the best resources for your subject. See the range of Library Subject Guides available.

There are also online resources freely available from Staffordshire University Library Home Page.

We can also help you to use Microsoft Office products such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel more effectively.

So, if you think you could improve your grades, but need a bit of help doing so, please do contact us. 

t: 01785 353500

Other support and facilities available


If you have a careers related question, you can still get careers advice using our online eguidance system at MyCareer.

Disabled Students' Allowances

Please be aware that the responsibility for helping you to organise your Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) support can be found at your Training Development Flight or your Learning Education Centre.

Applicants for the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) must complete two separate processes:

1. Applications for the Disabled Students Allowance should be made to Student Finance England (SFE)

  • Applicants for the allowances will be required to provide evidence of their disability to SFE e.g. Educational Psychologist report or medical letter/report.
  • If you do not already have an Educational Psychologist report or medical letter/report, please discuss this with your Additional Support contact.
  • There are a number of eligibility criteria; SFE will decide whether applicants are eligible for DSAs.
  • Once eligibility to apply for DSAs is established, SFE request applicants to seek a study needs assessment at an Access Centre. The assessment report is used to support the DSA application.

2. Requesting Access Centre Assessment of Study Support Needs

  • Applicants for Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) may request an assessment at Staffordshire Regional Access Centre, but they must have applied for DSAs at SFE (i.e. Stage 1) before approval is given for the assessment to be undertaken.
  • A ‘Request for Assessment Form’ should be completed and returned to the Access Centre, together with evidence of disability to inform the assessment.
  • An appointment is offered to the applicant at the earliest time available, once the Centre has confirmed SFE approval to carry out the assessment.

Applicants can follow both processes simultaneously which, if done, will enable the Access Centre to gain SFE approval to carry out the assessment earlier than would be otherwise. Application forms for DSAs are available online at

Sport and recreation

The University has a sports centre with excellent facilities that are available to you.

For further membership details contact: 01782 294124

Students' Union

As a Staffordshire University student studying off-campus, you are also a member of the Staffordshire University Students' Union. The Students' Union aims to provide you with what you want by representing your views and opinions.

For further information contact us at:
t: 01782 294629