Community and school buildings


Student learning

We want to make the Academy the centre of an extended learning community. It will be a central resource for learners of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances and will be open as a base for local clubs and community-led agencies and projects. Students will be encouraged to develop projects, programmes and services which support their local community. As sponsors, we will link the Academy with our extensive regional, national and international employer engagement and learning networks.

Parents and carers will have a key role to play in the development of the Academy and the success of their child’s development. They will be welcome in the Academy and their views sought and support actively fostered.

School Buildings

Student on computer

The Staffordshire University Academy will benefit from a £10 million pound investment, through Partnership for Schools, in a mix of new and refurbished buildings.

A programme of capital investment will see significant improvements to the school buildings by 2014 and will provide well-equipped spaces for creativity, innovation and new ways of learning and working.