In the first years of Academy life, students will benefit from a broad curriculum which uses the specialisms of Health and Future Technologies to promote preferred behaviours, participation, critical enquiry, communication skills and a strong sense of personal responsibility and expectation.

There will be a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy in the Academy and with our expertise in teacher training, we will ensure that all key staff have the skills to teach literacy and numeracy within their curriculum areas.

The curriculum will be innovative, transformational and student-centred. As students progress through the Academy, they can shape and negotiate a variety of learning paths that will include academic and vocational subjects and routes into continued education. Students will have the opportunity to take master classes at the University and we will create additional routes into Higher Education.

Students will be supported in developing sustainable, transferable skills for life and work in the 21st Century. The University’s expertise in the Academy’s specialisms will open up to students a wide range of exciting opportunities to explore and pursue a range of industry sectors and professional and employment opportunities.

The Academy curriculum will meet the requirements of students with special educational needs and disabilities. The broad curriculum offer, flexibility in teaching and the student-centred model of learning will underpin the inclusive nature of the curriculum.