Student support and Pastoral care


Our values, principles and expectations will shape student care and pastoral support. Pastoral support will be provided to each and every student to support their growth, development and success not only in the Academy but in the world outside. Students will have their own personal development plan which will include goals for learning, attendance and behaviour. Regular and high-quality feedback and assessment will help structure support for students.

The pupil voice will be listened to and acted upon in the academy. Students will be encouraged to take an active part in the key decisions in the life and development of the Academy.

The Academy will have a pastoral system that provides effective support and high quality guidance and advice. Respect for all and consideration for others will be promoted and expected at all times. Students at the Academy will feel safe from bullying, racism and any other form of discrimination.

An open and honest culture with a meaningful pastoral system will create a safe and positive environment to learn and work. Students will be encouraged to analyse, question and assess the impact of their lifestyles as part of our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our learners.