Our vision is to raise the aspirations and ambitions of all those involved in the Academy, transforming learning and delivering excellence. The Academy will be a dynamic and exciting place to learn. We will be innovative in promoting the best ideas in education and ensure that the Academy is a valued part of the community.

An open and honest culture will create an inclusive, safe and caring learning environment where individual needs are met and where high standards of behaviour, responsibility, self-respect and respect for others are a given.

The Academy has a vision to:

  • Offer a quality core curriculum in Maths, English and Science, as well as a full range of academic and vocational subjects.

  • Operate at the heart of a vibrant extended learning community.

  • Transform the learning environment and develop the skills and abilities, which are central to employability, lifelong learning and personal fulfilment.

  • Support learners to achieve their full potential and exceed expectations.

  • Be globally connected and a rich, exciting, creative and fun place to be.