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What is a Learning Destination?

CU Learning Destinations are places and organisations which provide high quality learning opportunities and activities, known as CU Learning Activities.  There are two types of CU Learning Destinations and, as long as the proposed learning has a learning outcome, it can be considered as either a Public Learning Destination or a Restricted Learning Destination.

Public Learning Destinations

Public Learning Destinations are places which provide CU Learning Activities and which are publicly accessible. 

Some of our public Learning Destinations include Halfords, Pets at Home, The Wedgood Museum, North Staffs Ski Club and Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

Examples include:

  • wildlife centres

  • zoos

  • historical interest sites

  • music schools

  • sports centres

  • theatres

  • libraries.  

We have an ever-increasing number of Public Learning Destinations across the UK and internationally to which children can travel with their Passport to Learning.

Restricted Learning Destinations

Restricted Learning Destinations are places which are not publicly accessible and include school-based Learning Activities, Uniformed Organisations, and clubs which require local membership.  

Alongside these more traditional learning opportunities, Restricted CU Learning Activities can also be found in the workplace, and are organised by local CU centres, working with hospitals, hotels and newspaper offices as examples.

Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Children's University Learning Destinations


Register your organisation

Register your organisation as a CU Learning Destination

To register a place or organisation that your child already attends (so they can earn stamps for their time there), please download this voucher (PDF, file size: 129.45KB) and pass it on to the organisation.