Fees and Funding for UK Partnership Courses

Advice on Fees and Finance

The fee will be set by each partner and you are advised to contact the partner direct.


Continuing and Progressing Students

Continuing Students

The tuition fee for students who are continuing their studies with one of our partner providers in 2015/16 will be as per enrolment.

Please contact the partner provider directly for the fee of a specific award.

Download the latest finance information.

Progressing Students

Students will have the option to top-up to a full Bachelor's degree by carrying out just one year's further study. Students coming to Staffordshire University to top-up will be charged the annual fee band rate for the relevant course.


Advice on Financial Support Available

Whether you qualify for student finance will depend on:

  • your chosen institution of study
  • your course
  • if you've studied a higher education course before
  • your age
  • your nationality or residency status
  • part-time students need to study their course at a rate of at least 25% of an equivalent full-time course in each academic year 

Download the latest finance information from the gov.uk website.

You don't pay up front

It’s important to remember that you or your parents won’t have to repay anything now – the Government is providing loans to cover tuition fees. You start to pay them back once you graduate and only when you are earning over £21,000, whether you’re studying a full-time or part-time undergraduate course.

The main student finance package includes:

Maintenance Loans and grants help with living costs (e.g. accommodation, books, bills). Loans must be paid back, grants do not.

You might get extra help on top of this.


Apply or support an application

You apply for student finance every year. You don't need a confirmed place at university or college to apply.



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