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What is a masterclass?

In Masterclasses

In Masterclasses

The Connect U framework is centred around our academic masterclasses. Masterclasses are comprised of half or full day mini lectures and interactive workshops that are linked to the national curriculum. These are contextualised programmes, which can be delivered both on and off campus, with clear links to the wide range of careers in these areas.

All of the Masterclasses begin with a clear overview of the session to provide the context to the learning in the Masterclass. The learning and employability skills outlined below along with career pathways and employment options that use these skills will be continually reviewed and reinforced throughout the Masterclasses.

Effective Learning and Teaching strategies that will be employed include the use of case studies and problem based learning; peer and collaborative learning; reflective practice, laboratory and field work; interactive sessions and debating; learning networks.

Supporting your learning objectives

Masterclasses will support the development of graduate entry level skills as measured by the QAA Quality code for Higher Education Subject Benchmark Statements.

  1. Subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding

The Masterclasses are developed across a range of subject areas to broaden and deepen knowledge and understanding, providing skills for future learning and employment. The rich diversity of the curricula allows for core subject knowledge and skills alongside engagement in current development with the ethical and philosophical issues this might raise.

  1. Intellectual Skills

Several of the Masterclasses focus on students applying skills in data and evidence analysis and manipulation, critical thinking and reasoning and problem solving. Taking account of complexity and diversity and using reasoned arguments.

  1. Transferable Skills

Skills essential for future learning and employability such as communication to a range of audiences, presentation, organisation skills, technology, numeracy, IT skills and the ability to use these skills critically.

  1. Practical/Experimental Skills

Opportunity to develop and practice key experimental techniques. To obtain, record and analyse data. To gain an understanding of good laboratory practice and working in both a safe and ethical manner in the laboratory/field setting (science-based masterclasses only).

  1. Personal and Professional Development

In addition to gaining knowledge, the Masterclasses will require active participation, students can be motivated to engage in new ways of thinking and acting. Students can increase self-awareness, reflect, adapt and do things differently. Opportunities to work collaboratively in learning networks with peers and to interacting with professionals delivering the Masterclasses.

Give your students an academic edge