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Safety and pastoral care

Campus safety

We want every student, member of staff, and visitor to feel safe and enjoy their time with us. As part of our duty of care to our University community, Staffordshire University has made the SafeZone app available to all our students and staff. The app allows you to alert our University Security Team via your mobile phone if you ever need urgent assistance or first aid, or if you have an emergency while on campus. If you are off campus, it will alert the police for you, ensuring help will be on hand soon.


While on campus, you will more than likely see a member of our friendly security staff who are on hand to ensure your safety at all times. Campus security are contactable 24-hours to react to any concerns that you may have.

In addition to an in-house security service, Staffordshire University also has an arrangement with Staffordshire Police in order that police officers are allocated to the University to target crime affecting the University, students and staff.


At Staffordshire University, we are committed to providing a safe, secure and supportive environment for all staff, students and visitors who access our services, grounds and facilities. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Staff and students alike have a role to play in keeping each other and themselves safe. We all have a duty to take action if we have a cause for concern about the safety and wellbeing of others.

Student guidance

Our team of knowledgeable, friendly Money & Guidance Advisors can help you with any problems or questions you may have during your time with us. 

You can talk to your Money & Guidance Advisors about any issues you may have about not only your studies, but any troubles you may be experiencing outside of your academic life such as financial hardships, careers, and personal development. They can also put you in contact with our Wellbeing team for counselling and other mental health services.

Student groups

Staffordshire University actively seeks to create and maintain a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion. We believe in providing everyone with an opportunity to fulfil their potential. 

Regardless of your personal circumstances or personal characteristics, you will part of an inclusive and supported community.

Race and ethnicity

Our campuses are alive with different cultures and languages. We have students from many different races and ethnicities studying with us across our campuses, including a thriving international student community.

Staffordshire University has been successful in gaining a Bronze University Award under the Higher Education Race Equality Charter - one of only 14 universities to do so. A Bronze Award recognises that the University has a solid foundation for eliminating racial inequalities and developing an inclusive culture that values all staff and students.


We are committed to the Social Model of Disability and recognise that the removal of the physical, emotional, social and attitudinal barriers that disable our students, staff and visitors is essential to progressing equality for disabled people.

Disability Support Services aim to ensure that individual needs are met before starting a course, during a course of study and after graduation. A range of services are on offer including screening for dyslexia, support for mental wellbeing, assistive technology, financial advice and help with your career. 

The Disability Support Service is made up of a team of Disability Support Coordinators, Disability Administrators and Sessional Assessors.  If you have additional needs and require a DSA assessment, please visit our dedicated assessment pages.   

Find out more about our Disability Support Services.

Faith and religious groups

Everyone at Staffordshire University has the right to explore or practice their faith in a safe, welcoming environment. The Chaplaincy offers a range of services and events for students from all religious backgrounds, including pastoral care with our volunteer faith advisors, and assistance with finding places of worship around campus.

Our Stafford and Stoke campuses, we have dedicated spaces for peace and quiet and prayer. Both spaces have access for washing and are suitable for all traditions. We also have access to meeting rooms for devotional study and the celebration of festivals.

LGBT+ students

We are immensely proud of our diverse campus at Staffordshire University, and are committed to the wellbeing of students from the LGBT+ community. The University is a Stonewall Champion and took part in their Equality Index for the first time in 2014, and have been dedicated to getting involved each year since.

Our dedicated LGBT+ Network provides support for all LGBT+ students. If you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, part of the +, or if you are experiencing doubts or challenges regarding your orientation and or gender identity, you can speak to someone in the LGBT+ Network.

The LGBT+ Network has been instrumental in creating positive change across the university, including a Transgender and Non-Binary policy on name change with Student Cards no longer requiring a deed poll, the provision of gender neutral toilets, and our continued involvement with the Rainbow Laces campaign (in association with Stonewall) which aims to tackle homophobia and biphobia in sports.

The LGBT+ Network also run regular socials every week and organise events throughout the year including celebrating LGBT+ History Month and Pride events. 

Care leavers and estranged students

Here at Staffordshire University we're committed to supporting students who come from a care background and students without the support of a family network. If you're estranged or a care leaver and you're considering coming to Staffordshire University or you already are a student here, we'll provide you with a package of support that'll help you throughout your time at University.

We have signed up to the Stand Alone Pledge, to publicly declare our support for estranged students.

There are many complex challenges that we as a University recognise you may be facing which may be different from other students. Commencing a course at University is both an exciting and stimulating experience, but can also be a time of anxiety and confusion. We can offer ongoing support and impartial advice, and can signpost you to other University and external support services in order to meet your needs during this time.

We can guide you through the UCAS application process and know exactly who to contact at the University if you need advice on finance, accommodation, learning or disability support. With your consent, we can also work alongside your Leaving Care Team to introduce you to University life and what to expect during those first few weeks on campus.

Staffordshire University will know that you are a care leaver if you have ticked the box on the UCAS form to disclose that you have been in care. If you are an estranged student, you will need to show the University your confirmation from student finance that you are estranged, alternatively you can set up a “consent to share” with student finance so that a member of staff can call student finance to confirm your estrangement.

You can be confident that you will be treated as an individual and empowered to participate fully and successfully within University life. 

You can access dedicated support by emailing

Students with children or dependents

We realise that many of our students may already have children, will start a family while studying with us, or have caring commitments for other family members. We have a range of resources and facilities available to help to guide you through your academic journey.

Due to your caring commitments, you may need to find employment alongside your studies. Our Careers and Personal Development team can help you to get work experience and temporary jobs from our recruitment and employment agency, Unitemps.

Children’s Area
In addition to the library resources available to you, we also have a Children’s Area where children can access books and other resources whilst you are using the nearby PCs. This is not a childcare service but will help to keep children entertained whilst you are working in the Library.

The University have an on OFSTED rated Outstanding Nursery on our Stoke on Trent Campus that caters for children from birth to five years. There are a range of sessions available to work around your study and work needs and the nursery are happy to give you plenty of time to talk through your options so that you can make an informed decision on the care of your child.

Mature, Parent & Carer Network
The Mature, Parent & Carer Network is for any student parent or carer who is studying here at Staffordshire University. Every month there will be a chance to meet up with fellow students in one of the Students' Union venues and it's an opportunity to relax, have a laugh and meet like-minded people. The network is run by students, for students and aims to deliver a wide range of family friendly events throughout the year, where students and their families will be able to meet up and have fun.

Mature students

At Staffordshire University, nearly half our students are aged over 21 and we value our mature students for the enthusiasm and experience they bring; they are highly motivated and successful in achieving their goals. Nevertheless, we recognise that you may face different pressures to other students. You may have different financial and family circumstances, especially if you have children or dependents. 

We understand that some mature students are concerned about the academic demands of a degree course – which is where the Step Up to Higher Education course can help. Many of our students juggle, work, childcare and family commitments, we appreciate this and your tutors, Money & Guidance Advisors and Students' Union will do all they can to support you, wherever you need it. 

Can't find what you're looking for?

You can find more in-depth information about the individual services we offer to ensure your safety and wellbeing on our Current Students portal, or discover how the Staffordshire University Students' Union works to support students.