Timetabling Information for Students

*Timetabling information for students studying 'on campus' at University campus Stoke (Leek and College Road), Centre of Excellence Stafford,  Centre of Excellence Shrewsbury sites and the Digital Institute London.
Partner colleges, off-site locations and distance learning studies are not covered by central timetabling services.

Joining the University and receiving your timetable can be a big deal. It allows you to prepare for sessions and arrange your home, social, work and any other commitments.

When will I be able to see my timetable?

The University aims for timetables to be as fair and as simple as possible, and to publish personalised timetables as accurately and early as possible. In order to see a complete personalised timetable several things must have taken place^.

- New students including post graduate starters – have completed online enrolment and confirmed modules*

- (Full-time) Returning students – have (completed early module registration and) confirmed modules*

You will receive your timetable up to 2 months prior to commencement of your course or up to 72 hours following the above being completed*

^allocated rooms are subject to change
*tutorials and other multi-run activity may be visible later and if schools have stipulated that they will be supplying fixed class allocations  

Where and how do I access my timetable?

You can access your personalised student timetable on the MyStaffsUni app. You will need your University username and password to log in.

Your timetable will appear automatically when connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, and the app has refreshed. (This should happen automatically, but you can complete a manual refresh by dragging down on the timetable screen. Refresh is automatic when logging on to the MyStaffs desktop version and web timetables)

Please note: Timetables are subject to change – particularly rooms prior to the commencement of semester. It's important you check your timetable regularly.

What is a personalised timetable?

A personalised timetable is specific to you. It is based on your course and module enrolment, including core modules, and, as relevant, the optional modules you have selected. It also has your specific class allocations, when a class is run multiple times.

What weeks will I be in university?
You can find more information on the weeks you will be in university on the academic calendar.
If you are studying an apprenticeship, with blended learning or other alternative provision, delivery details will be provided during the enrolment process

Does my timetable change?
Once your timetable is published, the university will avoid/minimise changes to days and times as much as possible, and changes will not be made without consultation with your school/subject
Please bear in mind that you may have a different timetable each semester and for some subjects across different weeks. Please ensure that your check your timetable regularly and for the specific week/semester

Can and how do I change my course or an optional module?

There is more information in the Student Guide: Academic Life

You can find more information about changing your course at the following page

You can find more information about changing an optional module at the following page

If you are an applicant and have not yet enrolled, and wish to change your course application, please email  enquiries@staffs.ac.uk

Can and how do I change my class allocation (when a seminar is repeated)?
For some courses  class allocations are based on specific academic rules and therefore it is not possible to change, for other areas it will be possible. Therefore please liaise with your module leader as to whether you can change class and where you wish to change your class to.

What are web timetables?
Web Timetables is another system which can be used, and was used historically for student timetables
Please note: we encourage you to use MyStaffApp or it’s desktop version), as it is optimised for various devices and offers the most information in one place
Web Timetables provides useful information for the following:

  • Welcome Week activities when you do not have a university log-on (optimised for desktop only)
  • Technical Instruction sessions (if applicable, see the Modulette Directory (PDF, file size: 188.84KB) )
  • Room Timetables
Web Timetable Guidance and How to Access?

What if things don't seem correct or I need some help?

I am seeing a blank timetable or missing some elements of my timetable?

Try logging in and out of the MyStaffsApp to ensure that your timetable is loading correctly
Can you confirm that you have completed your enrolment?
Have you waited 72 hours following completion of your enrolment?
Please contact the Student Hub or the Information Points at Stafford and Shrewsbury in the first instance

I am seeing the wrong course or incorrect modules on my timetable?

Please contact the Student Hub at Stoke or the Information Points at Stafford and Shrewsbury initially

I am seeing the wrong class / group allocation on my timetable

Please speak to your module leader and explain why
Please also refer to ‘Can and how do I change my class allocation?'

My timetable does not appear to be refreshing on MyStaffsApp

If your timetable does not appear to be refreshing trying logging out of the app and logging back in again

I am unable to log on or have another technical issue?

If you experience any technical issues including being unable to log on please contact the IT Service Desk
t: 01785 353800
e: 3800@staffs.ac.uk

What if I am taking a resit?

Your timetable may still be subject to change if you have to complete resit work over the summer.
If you are successful in taking your resits your original timetable will stand, if however you are unable to progress your timetable will be amended accordingly.

What if I am retaking the year?

Your timetable will be created with the same process. Please ensure that your course and module enrolment is correct as your timetable is based on this information.

If this is incorrect please contact Hub at Stoke or the Information Points at Stafford and Shrewsbury in the first instance

What if I have failed a module in my previous year?

If you will be retaking a module with attendance this will be visible on your timetable. Please ensure that your module enrolment is correct as your timetable is based on this information.

If this is incorrect please contact the Hub at Stoke or the Information Points at Stafford and Shrewsbury in the first place

University Teaching Rooms

We are committed towards improving your experience here by enhancing and improving the rooms that we use for teaching.

Our Estates, Technical and IT departments have a programme of work for updating our equipment, furniture and general appearance of the teaching spaces and work is on-going.  Therefore, please ensure you check your room allocations regularly, and particularly before the start of new semesters.