Nursery Fees and Funding

This section gives you some ideas on what you can do to save money on childcare. Whether you are a student or working parent, there are things you can do to save money. Your Fees also gives you details on how to pay your bill and what to expect when your bill does come.

Nursery fees

Nursery Fees: 1 August 2018 - 31st July 2019
Full day:
8:00 – 18:00
Half day
8:45 – 13:15 (Lunch inc) 

Half day: 
12:45 - 17:15 

Full week:
Full day bookings five times a week

Part of and up to an hour *

Local Community/Staffordshire University Staff £41.00      £23.00£21.50      £200.00 £6.00
Students (Staffordshire University and local College Students) £40.50      £22.75£21.25     £197.50 £5.80

 * Please note that full sessions will get priority

All meals and refreshments inclusive in price, unfortunately we cannot give refunds for children's meals.

Session Times

Full day
8.00am - 6.00pm (Breakfast, mid am snack, lunch, pm snack and light tea included)

Half day
8.45am - 1.15pm (breakfast, mid am snack, lunch included)
12.45pm - 5.15pm (pm snack, light tea included)

Fruit and refreshments made available throughout whole of day.

Education Funding - 2yr, 3yr and 4yr olds


All children over three are free education place a term after their third birthday. Funding is available over 38 weeks (15hrs) or 50 weeks (11hrs)of the year. Government funding for children between two to three years can be applied for if your child meets the criteria. All meals will have to be charged All meals will have to be charged. Snacks 60p, breakfast and light teas £1.10 each, lunch £2.65. For further details, please contact: Tracy Plumer-Knight or Susan Hambleton (Stoke) 01782 294981

Voucher Scheme


The Nursery accepts vouchers from any employees childcare scheme. Talk to your employer about how your nursery fees can be deducted from your salary before tax, saving you money on childcare. The University offer a workplace nursery scheme which allows the whole amount of childcare fees to be tax exempt. If you are university staff contact payroll on

Grant Scheme


Student Childcare Grants may be available from Student Finance England to help with the costs of childcare. For assistance with the forms, and to gain any further financial advice call the Student Advice Centre 01782 294469/ Stafford 01785353425. Further financial assistance/advice may be able to be obtained from Financial Advise Stoke 01782 295756 / Stafford 01785 353400.  

Late Collections

boy on climbing frame

Please note that any child collected late at the end of their session will be charged £10.00 per full/part 15 minutes.

Nappy Charges

All nappies must be supplied by yourselves. We do have a small stock to use in an emergency, these will be charged at £1 per nappy. No liability is held if children have an allergic reaction to the nappies supplied.

Absences / Sickness

All absences must be paid in full including sickness. Please inform staff of all absences otherwise it is procedure to contact you if we have not been informed of an absence to ensure the well-being and safeguarding of children. (Stoke: 01782 294981 or Stafford 01785 353371).


nursery hands on sand

All holidays must be paid in full.

Nursery closure / University closure

Please note the nursery could close up to a maximum of five days for staff training / nursery outings ect throughout the year. A minimum of two months notice will be given. The nursery will also be closed during 24th December to the 1st January and other university closure days as outlined on the academic calendar and parents notice board. A minimum of four months notice would be given if the university needed to withdraw the nursery services. Unless registration from OFSTED was withdrawn with immediate effect.

Change / Cancellation of Booking

Baby crawling

All booking changes/cancellations must be done so in writing giving a minimum of one calendar months' notice in order to not incur any further charges. You are not allowed to swap days of attendance from one week to the next. University changes to fee structures or sessions times will also be given in writing with a minimum of a calendar months' notice.


Please note you will be invoiced at the beginning of the previous month.

All invoices are due by the 10th of the month prior.

payments can be made by:

Online at

Or by: Card, cheque or cash at the University finance department - Cashier's office by phone on 01782 294412, in person.

All payments are made must quote child's full name.

If payments are made late tis will jeopardize your child's place and will result in incurring additional charges for collection.   


Stoke Nursery
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t: +44 (0)1782 294981