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We're excited to announce that Semester 2 teaching timetables for students joining and returning in January 2022 are now available. This covers the period from Monday 31 January 2022 – 31 July 2022. See our acacdemic calendar for a breakdown of our term time dates.

The easiest way to access your timetable - along with a bunch of other helpful resources - is via Beacon, your personal interactive digital coach. You can find out more information on how to download and access Beacon on this page. 

Please note, you must have completed online enrolment before you will be able to access Beacon, as this provides you with the details you'll need to be able to log in to the platform.

Although we endeavour to keep any amendments to a minimum, timetables are live documents and therefore are subject to change. We encourage everyone to check back regularly for any changes to both your Welcome Week timetable and to your teaching timetable.

How do I access my timetable?

The easiest way to access your timetable is with the Beacon app. It is available from  Google Play, the App Store, and via the standalone Beacon website.

You will need your University username and password to log in. Your timetable will be updated automatically when you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Full details of the timetable system can be found below.

To access Beacon please see the below instructions:

You will need to log in as a university user, not as a guest, to access your timetable.  You will need your University username and password to log in. Your username will look something like this: a123456b your password is in the format of DD/MM/YY e.g. 010101 (until you have changed it).  

*on-campus includes the Stoke-on-Trent Campus, Stafford and Shrewsbury Centres of Excellence and Digital Institute London.


Download the MyStaffsUni app via Google Play

Download the MyStaffsUni app via the Apple App Store

What is a personalised timetable?

A personalised timetable is specific to you. It is based on your course and module enrolment, including your core and optional modules. It also has your specific class allocations, when a class is run multiple times. More information on your modules enrolment can be found at e:Vision.

Timetabling information is provided for students studying 'on-campus' at University campus Stoke (Leek and College Road), Centre of Excellence Stafford,  Centre of Excellence Shrewsbury sites and Digital Institute London. Partner colleges, off-site locations and distance learning studies are not covered by central timetabling services.

When can I see my timetable?

We aim for timetables to be as fair and simple as possible, and to be published as accurately and early as possible. In order to complete your personalised timetable:

  • if you are a new undergraduate or postgraduate student – you must have completed your online enrolment and confirmed your modules.
  • if you are a returning student – you must have received your online enrolment invitation and have either completed your early module registration or  confirmed your modules via online enrolment.

Please note: Timetables are subject to change – particularly rooms prior to the commencement of semester. It's important you check your timetable regularly, as small group sessions and tutorials may appear later.

What weeks will I be in University?

You can find more information on the weeks you will be in university on the academic calendar.

If you are studying an apprenticeship, with blended learning or other alternative provision, delivery details will be provided during the enrolment process.

Will my timetable change?

Once your timetable is published, the University will avoid/minimise changes to days and times as much as possible, and changes will not be made without consultation with your school/subject.

Please bear in mind that you may have a different timetable each semester and for some subjects across different weeks. Please ensure that you check your timetable regularly and for the specific week/semester.

How do I change my course or module choices?

You can find out about changing your course or module choices in e:Vision.

If you are an applicant who has not yet enrolled and wish to change your course application, please email

How do I change my class allocation (when a seminar is repeated)?

For some courses, class allocations are based on specific academic rules and therefore it is not possible to change. For other areas, it will be possible. Please liaise with your module leader as to whether you can change class and where you wish to change your class to.

What are Web Timetables?

Web Timetables is the previous system that was used to manage student timetables. Should you be unable to use the Beacon app, the Web Timetables system can act as a serviceable backup.

Please note: we encourage you to use Beacon or it’s desktop version, as it is optimised for various devices and offers the most information in one place.
Web Timetables provides useful information for the following:

  • Room timetables
  • Technical instruction

How do I book a room?

Students can book rooms which are available to students through the Resource Booker. Rooms can be booked up to two weeks in advance and for a period of up to two hours.

Room booking guidelines

The following principles ensure that the shared University spaces are booked and managed effectively and legitimately by staff and students using the Resource Booker. Anyone failing to comply with these guidelines may be referred to student conduct procedures.

The University reserves the right to withdraw booking privileges from staff and students who fail to adhere to the guidance set out below.

  1. Resource Booker should only be used for bookings that fall outside of the scope of normal teaching. All teaching sessions must be requested through the Timetable Change Request process to ensure they appear on student timetables in Beacon.
  2. Bookings may be monitored to ensure space is effectively and appropriately used. In some instances, this may require more information about bookings being requested.
  3. Booking requests should be made with the appropriate lead time for the activity and need to include sufficient information regarding the activity type for it to be clear what the booking is for (e.g., description, total number of participants, etc).
  4. Bookings must not be made for the purpose of ‘reserving spaces’. Such overbooking prevents spaces from being utilised fairly and equally across the University.
  5. In the event of unexpected circumstances requiring emergency maintenance to the space or its equipment, bookings may need to be rearranged or in some cases cancelled. The person who made the booking will be notified as soon as practically possible to discuss suitable alternatives.
  6. Student Clubs and Society bookings cannot be made through Resource Booker. These must be directed to Student Union Engagement Manager.
  7. If a specific space is desirable but is not listed on Resource Booker as being available, or if you wish to enquire as to the suitability of a space before booking it, please email enquiries to
  8. If you require special Audio/Visual (AV) provision to be present either at the start, or for the duration of your booking, please raise a request or enquiry with the Digital Services Helpdesk ( If you require a technician to be present, please raise a separate request through
  9. If a change to the default space configuration is required, a request needs to be raised with Campus Life Helpdesk The Porters need to be informed of the required new layout, ensuring a request is also included to return the space to its default layout. Please note, the porters will require 5 working days’ notice to carry out this job on your behalf. All bookings must comply with the University’s Events Policy and Freedom of Speech Code of Practice as well as adhering to Prevent duties, health and safety and the Equalities Act 2010. For more information, please refer to: Prevent Policy and the Students’ Union website.
  10. If you are booking a space and may invite external speaker(s) or external group(s) onto campus, you must consider your responsibility regarding the security of our university, please see this guidance before making a booking. Please ensure you keep a record of the external bookings you make throughout the year.
  11. Bookings on behalf of external individuals or organisations, whether or not they are charged for attending, must be directed to the University’s Events/Commercial Team.
  12. Audits will be undertaken regularly, to ensure that:
    • The booked space was used for the duration of the booking
    • The booking started and ended on time
    • Room capacity is not exceeded
    • The booking was for the purpose described in the request
    • External participants were not present (unless already authorised)
  13. Before the event - the person that made the booking is responsible for:
    • Managing a safe environment and undertaking any necessary risk assessments.
    • Ensuring that all Health & Safety signage instructions are always observed.
    • Ensuring that only authorised persons use the booked space.
    • Ensuring the space is only used for the purpose for which it is booked.
    • Ensuring that all users of the space are aware and familiar of the Fire Evacuation Procedures so that they know what action to take, for instance when an alarm goes off.
  14. During and after the event - the person that made the booking is responsible for:
    • Ensuring that furniture and equipment is placed back in its original layout after the event.
    • Noise levels, noting these must be always kept to an appropriate and considerate level. The experience of users of adjacent spaces should be taken into consideration.
    • The space must be left clean, hygienic, free of rubbish and personal belongings and in a suitable condition for the next activity.
    • The space must be vacated 5 minutes prior to the end of the booking to allow the timely changeover of sessions. Bags, cases, and coats must be stored properly without blocking corridors or other fire escapes, and without creating trip hazards or obstructions of any kind.
    • Music or amplified sound must be sensitive to other users and residents of the campus. This is particularly important during examination periods.
    • Any accident should be reported in-line with university procedures. If a First Aider is not immediately available, the Security Team, who are qualified First Aiders, must be notified via the Campus Life Helpdesk (3600)
    • Eating and/or drinking (except for bottled water) is not allowed in any of the bookable spaces on campus, except for catered events or where local signage permits this.
    • Furniture and equipment must not be moved between spaces.
    • No equipment may be installed in any of the spaces.
    • Smoking and vaping are not allowed in any buildings.
  15. Bookings can be cancelled or changed at any time using Resource Booker. If you require any support or guidance, please email quoting the booking reference.


I am seeing a blank timetable or missing some elements of my timetable.

  • Can you confirm that you have completed your online enrolment and confirmed your modules?
  • Have you waited at least 72 hours since completing the above?
  • Please try logging out and back into the app, ensuring that you enter your username in lower case.
  • try uninstalling and reinstalling the application onto your device.
  • If your course is Distance Learning based or is delivered at a partner institution, you will be provided a timetable through alternative means, and you will not see a timetable through Beacon. Please contact your course team for more information about your timetable and how you can access it.

Failing that, please contact

I am seeing the wrong course or incorrect modules on my timetable.

Your timetable is based on your courses and module enrolment. If your timetable does not match this, and, if applicable, you have waited at least 72 hours since requesting a course/module change, please contact

If  you wish to change your course or module you can find more information at e:Vision.

I am seeing the wrong class/group allocation on my timetable.

Please speak to your module leader and explain why. Please also refer to ‘Can and how do I change my class allocation?'

My timetable does not appear to be refreshing on Beacon.

If your timetable does not appear to be refreshing trying logging out of the app and logging back in again.

I am unable to log on or have another technical issue?

If you experience any technical issues including being unable to log on please contact the IT Service Desk.
t: 01785 353800

University Teaching Rooms

We are committed to improving your experience by enhancing and improving the rooms that we use for teaching.

Our Estates, Technical and IT departments have a programme of work for updating our equipment, furniture and general appearance of the teaching spaces and work is on-going.  Therefore, please ensure you check your room allocations regularly, particularly before the start of new semesters.