Visa Extension Request – Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

Contact Details

Staffordshire University D105 Cadman Building College Road Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2DE

t: +44 (0)1782 294539


1. Your details

In order to request a CAS please complete the form below as fully as possible.

* Main study site campus:

* Does your course require ATAS?

If Yes, have you applied for a new ATAS clearance?

2. Your course details

* Are you a full-time student, part-time student or dormant?

* Are you living in Staffordshire University halls of residence?


* Is this the same award you applied for your original visa application?

* Is this your first student visa application?

* Do you require more time to complete your course due to failure of modules (i.e. Resits)

* Please confirm below that you have read and understood what supporting documents are required for a successful visa application and that these documents are available to you.

4. Submit letter request

You will receive an e-mail to confirm this request has been received.  International Student Support will contact you to ask you to make an appointment to see an advisor when the CAS is ready for you to approve;  this may take 3 working days.   Should further information be required before the CAS can be raised you will be contacted within 3 working days with a request for you to provide more information or to see an International Student Advisor to discuss your case in more detail. 


International Student Support will assess your request for a CAS based on the information provided above. 
Please note – any inaccurate/misleading/incomplete immigration information provided to us may result in a CAS not been issued to you or your CAS being withdrawn.   By sending Immigration information, you declare that the information is true to the best of your knowledge and everything has been declared to the University. All visa extensions are subject to approval by the International Student Support. The International Student Support reserves the right to not extend your visa if you do not meet the University regulations or that of the Home Office regulations. The University also reserves the right to not issue you with a CAS should your visa application interfere with our legal compliance obligation to Home Office.

Staffordshire University ensures information is stored and handled in accordance with data protection law. Please read our data protection policies for more details.