University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
5 January 20102 February 201011 January 20101. The requests made by relevant public authorities to the university under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) in the last five years (2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005), including:
A. The public body that made the request
B. The date of the request
C. The reason for and nature of the request including the type of communication sought by the public authority from the university's residential network.
D. The outcome of the interception and any action taken by the university as a result.
The university has never had a request under RIPA
5 January 20102 February 201018 January 2010Please let me know how many staff currently employed by the university are currently earning:
A) More than �100,000 per annum
B) More than �150,000
C) More than �200,000
Please also say how many staff in each category, if any, are on dual NHS-university contracts

The relevant information about staff who earn over �100,000 can be found in note 6 of the accounts

There are no staff working on dual NHS-university contracts, earning �100.000 + per annum.
11 January 20108 February 201014 January 2010A) I would like to obtain a single figure for the sum spent by the university on legal fees during the academic year 2008/09. I request that this figure is expressed in Pounds Sterling.
B) If this figure represents a composite of costs from various departments or budgets across the university, I also request a breakdown of that figure showing how much has been spent by each department or on each activity.
This information can be found at the following link


The information regarding legal expenses can be found in note 7. All of our legal charges are centrally charged and therefore are not breakdown by Department.
19 January 201016 February 201021 January 2010Request student numbers by ethnicity/distance learning, religion for students based at Stafford siteSent to requester
23 January 201019 February 20104 February 2010Number of new ug students over recruited by 2009/10,and value of any fine from HefceThere has been no discussion about over recruitment. The University has enrolled students in line with plans'
19 January 201016 February 20103 February 20101) How many redesigns has the University website gone through in the last 10 years?
2) How much is spent annually on the website, and for what tasks?
3) How much was spent on the most recent redesign of the website?
4) What is the process by which contracts for redesigns/maintenance of the website are granted?
5) The contract (including all indexes, appendices and supplements) between the University and the company contracted for the last redesign.
6) Bids to tender for the maintenance/design of the University website.
7) Any correspondence between the University and the contractor relating to the University website.

I would like to receive the information electronically by email.
7 by the internal web team 1 by an external design team
The amount is not broken down into tasks and is allocated to a central budget in the Marketing Department and IS Department.
We don't offer contract for the web design as our in house team carry out the implementation and maintenance
5,6 & & N/A
19 January 201016 February 201024 January 2011The number of people employed by the University earning �100,000 per annum or more

2. A list of the individual salaries of �100,000 per annum or more and the job titles (e.g. Vice Chancellor, �140,000).
1) 4

2) This information is confidential and would identify people and therefore breech the Data Protection Act, therefore, we are unable to provide this information.

To view the University accounts please click on the link URL page 23 to view salary cost.