Centre for Crime, Justice and Security



The Centre leads on ground-breaking research, innovations and enterprise initiatives that are committed to human rights, global security and justice for all.

Our aim

The Centre for Crime, Justice and Security aims for the promotion, development and implementation of justice in various forms. Work primarily focusses on criminal justice but also in terms of how social justice impacts and is impacted by criminal justice practices. The work we do with our communities aims to enrich and transform lives and to positively impact on policy and practice in wider social and criminal justice environments.

The Centre is underpinned by three pillars:

  • Ethics and integrity

All our activities including research, professional training and practice, and enterprise and innovation will uphold the values of ethical best practice and integrity

  • Sustainability

The Centre develops solutions to real world problems that are financially and environmentally sustainable in the long term

  • Evidence based practice

All of our activities are underpinned by current and relevant research

The Centre is driven by solving global challenges through national and international collaborations and impacting on policy and practice at a global level. Working closely with the Staffordshire Forensic Partnership and Institute of Policing, are able to have positive impact on practice and feed into national initiatives such as Transforming Forensics. Our work promotes our students and staff as agents of positive change and disruptive innovators

The Centre contributes to the reduction of crime at local, regional, national and international level through crime prevention activities, improvements in crime detection approaches, developments in approaches to the rehabilitation of offenders, improving access to justice and training the practitioners in best practice.

The Centre aims to improving access to justice in the region outside the criminal justice system through the expansion of the law clinic model, in order to improve the lives of communities and individuals.

Our research involves many areas of criminology, forensic science and policing, including developing new and innovative methods for combatting crime at a national and international level. The Centre is organised into four main themes:

  • Investigation, Security and Intelligence
  • Crime, Justice and Communities
  • Professional Education, Regulation and Standards
  • Evidence Based Policing

Areas of expertise within each theme are diverse and both inter and multi-disciplinary.

The Centre houses four thriving research groups that work collaboratively across the University and with external partners on particular areas of interest, these include:

  • Crime and Society Research Group
  • Staffordshire University Forensic Canine Research and Development Group
  • Burial Research Group
  • Microplastics and Forensic Fibres Research Group

Group leader

Dr Claire Gwinnett

Professor (Tef)

I am a Professor in Forensic and Environmental Science. I specialise in forensic fibres analysis, mircoplastics and plastic pollution, hair analysis, paint analysis and glass analysis.

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Researchers within Centre for Crime, Justice and Security

Professor John Cassella

Professor (Tef)

I teach aspects of 'Human Identification in mass disaster situations' and elements of 'forensic pathology' and 'forensic biology' to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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Dr Lauren Metcalfe

Course Director

Lauren completed her PhD in Evidence Based Policing and joined Staffordshire University in 2017. She is now Course Leader for Professional Policing (our Pre-join degree) and Course Director for our policing degrees.

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Professor James Treadwell

Professor In Criminology

James became a Professor in Criminology at Staffordshire University in 2017. His expertise are in violent, professional and organised crime; prisons, prison violence and victimisation; drugs and crime; Ethnography; Crime and the Military.

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Dr Graham Williams


I am a Professor in Forensics and My research expertise lies in Body Fluid Identification, DNA interpretation, and Forensic Epigenetics.

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Sarah Page

Senior Lecturer

I teach on the Sociology and Transnational Organised Crime Masters degrees.

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Dr John Mcgarry

Senior Lecturer

I am a Senior Lecturer in Law, with expertise in Public Law and Legal Theory.

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Dr Sarah Fieldhouse

Senior Lecturer

I am a Senior Lecturer and I specialise in fingerprints and their use as forensic evidence.

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Mia Abbott

Student Ambassador

Dr John Allum

Senior Lecturer

John is a Senior Lecturer in Forensics, specialising in fire and explosion investigation, hazardous and chemical incidents, marine cargoes and shipping incidents, and spoliage and self-heating of agricultural cargoes.

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Dr Eleanor Atkins


Joanne Beswick

Senior Lecturer

I am a Senior Law Lecturer and my expertise are in Clinical Negligence.

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Professor Elizabeth Boath

Professor Of Health And Wellbeing (Tef)

Liz is a Coach and Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner and teaches Counselling, Public Health and Communication Skills. Liz's research is focussed on perinatal mental health and health and social c…

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Dr Rachel Bolton-King

Associate Professor (Tef)

I am an Associate Professor (Tef) and I specialise in forensic firearm identification and ammunition, ballistics imaging, and shooting incident reconstruction.

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Emily Browne

Course Director

Dr Ayesha Chowdhury


I am a lecturer in Law and my expertise lie in Internation Terrorism, Counter Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Policing, Anti Terrorism Law, Human Rights, Public Law, Business Law, Company and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Gove…

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Dr Tony Craig

Associate Professor

Tony's expertise is in Northern Ireland, intelligence and security studies, archive research, conflict resolution. His research interests include Irish and British foreign policy, intelligence history, terrorism, security studies and decolonisation.

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Rebecca Ford


Dr Richard Halfpenny


Richard spent 16 years working in a business setting before returning to university studying a PhD on the species discrimination of cryptic Culex mosquito species using non-molecular methods, and their olfactory mediated sugar feeding behaviou…

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Eleanor Harrison

National Sat Club Programme Mgr

Martyn Hordern

Dr Arthur Hosie

Course Director

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Dr Nicholas Howe

Director Of Institute Of Policing

Dr Sarah Krahenbuhl

Senior Lecturer

Sarah's area of expertise is in investigative interviewing strategies used with children and subsequent legal proceedings. She is module leader for Forensic Applications of Psychology.

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Dr John Lamb

Senior Lecturer

Dean Northfield

Senior Lecturer

Dean worked for West Yorkshire Police as a VIPER Officer (2 Years) then an Imaging Officer (6 years). He progressed to Senior Imaging Officer, before finishing his time at West Yorkshire Police in the Forensic Multimedia Unit

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Dr Abdulrahman Oleiwi


Abdulrahman is a lecturer in forensic genetics and forensic biology. He joined Staffordshire University in 2019 within the school of Law, Policing and Forensics and lectures at all levels on Forensic Biology and DNA Profiling.

Abdulrahman's profile

Robin Parsons

Technical Assistant

Dr Andy Platt

Associate Professor

Andy completed his BSc and PhD at Durham university and worked as a postdoctoral research assistant at Exeter, Leicester and Warwick Universities. He is an Associate Professor in Inorganic and Forensic Chemistry.

Andy's profile

Sarah Plimley


Sarah is part-time lecturer in Criminology and is also researching her PhD, which focuses on austerity and desistance. Her main area of interest is the effect of governmental austerity measures on desistance from crime.

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Dr Helen Poole


Having worked in higher education since 2003, in recent years Helen has become involved in firearms research including projects for the European Union and United Nations. She has a strong interest in prisons, justice and rehabilitation having wo…

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Dr Keith Puttick

Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor and Lecturer in Law, specialising in Research Supervision and Project Management, Regulatory aspects of Employment/Human Resource Management and IT-enabled teaching.

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Dr Fahid Qurashi


Fahid joined Staffordshire University in 2018 and is now the Course Leader for UG Criminology. He has a PhD in Sociology (Kent) and specialises in political sociology, Islamophobia, Counter-terrorism, radicalisation and ethnography.

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Matthew Rutter

Course Director

Matt was a Youth Justice Practitioner and is researching current Youth Justice Board strategic priority; trauma informed practice with children and young people who offend. Matt also holds national and international positions with awarding bodie…

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Ellen Sarvari

Student Ambassador

Dr Dave Skingsley

Senior Lecturer

Dave's expertise include Natural History with a particular focus on Entomology and Malacology, and Invertebrate Mucus and FTIR spectroscopy

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Dr Kirsty Squires

Senior Lecturer

Kirsty is the Course Leader for MSc Forensic Science and MSc Digital Forensic Investigation and primarily teaches in the areas of forensic anthropology and statistics.

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Julie Tipping

Senior Lecturer

Julie has an extensive experience in advice work practice having worked for over 10 years in welfare rights and welfare benefit appeals. She is an experienced lecturer currently teaching on a number of modules including social welfare law & …

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Dr Jo Turner

Head Of Department - Associate Professor

Dr Jo Turner is Head of Department for Criminology, Policing and Forensic Science and Associate Professor of Criminology. She has worked at Staffordshire University since August 2017.

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Dr Laura Walton-Williams

Associate Dean - Recruitment

Laura has been a lecturer at Staffordshire University since 2004. Actively involved in research in forensic science, she also conducts consultancy in the examination of evidence of a biological origin. Laura's areas of expertise include DNA an…

Laura's profile

Dr John Wheeler

Associate Dean - Students (Tef)

Dr. John Wheeler has expertise in Supramolecular Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

Laura Wilkinson

P/T Lecturer (Hrly)-Crimi Just Forensic

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