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 #StaffsInnovation is an online webinar series delivered by Staffordshire University academics on matters on innovative advancements across the manufacturing, design, digital and life science sectors. 

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AI in Manufacturing Operations

This webinar covers recent advancement in AI for Industry 4.0 revolution; the mutually beneficial relationship between Manufacturing operations and AI and practical considerations when applying AI to Manufacturing operations. Delivered by Dr Mohamed Sedky, Associate Professor, School of Computing and Digital Technology at Staffordshire University

Amazon Web Services Masterclass

Delivered by: Justin Champion, Senior Lecturer School of Digital, Technologies and Arts. Cloud computing has simply become a term which is regularly used now for compute power which is available outside of our company. In this webinar, we will look at why companies are increasingly choosing this as the first choice rather than carrying out all the work onsite. There are a lot of technologies which are available in a cloud environment and here we will look at some of the benefits of using these. Correctly used Cloud computing can reduce the costs to your business, whilst increasing your reliability and flexibility to grow your company.

An Introduction to Emotional Design

This webinar covers the intricacies of emotional design. Looking at successful products, Dan talks about the techniques that can be used to connect with people on an emotional level. Delivered by Dan Lewis, Senior Lecturer, School of Creative Arts and Engineering at Staffordshire University

An Introduction to Staffordshire University’s Innovation Enterprise Zone

This webinar will introduce you to our University's brand-new Innovation Enterprise Zone (IEZ). With the state-of-the-art facilities and access to leading experts, IEZ will be a place for businesses to drive innovative projects in digital, advanced manufacturing, materials and more! Delivered by: Marek Hornak, Head Of Business Engagement & Enterprise; Rachel Wood, Programme Manager; Marc Wootton, Programme Manager

Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

Delivered by: Mohamed Sedky, Associate Professor This master class will cover the building blocks of an NLP solution. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the capacity of a computer to "understand" natural language text at a level that allows meaningful interaction between the computer and a person working in a particular application domain. NLP applications include, text processing, interfaces to data bases, text summarization, machine translation, and language generation.

Connecting with Bioscience Research at Staffordshire University

Delivered by leading academics from Staffordshire University’s School of Health, Science and Wellbeing this webinar gives you the opportunity to hear from our senior members of our Biological Sciences department Explore two biggest and most active groups: – Molecular and Cellular, Healthcare Science and Applied Diagnostics. It will also help you to understand how your business can collaborate with research at our university.

Covid-19 and smart cities – what’s changed and how to get ahead of the game

This webinar will analyse a range of changing scenarios for smart cities post-Covid-19 and will pinpoint the opportunities and challenges for businesses, city councils and universities. Strategies, tactics and technologies will be explored. Delivered by Professor Fang Zhao, Associate Dean – Research and Enterprise and Dr Mohamed Sedky, Associate Professor.

Cyber Security Masterclass

Delivered by: Christopher Howard, Course Director This masterclass will explain one of the most prolific types of cyber-attack, that of phishing. In this webinar, we will describe what phishing is, how to spot it and mitigation techniques with real-world examples to help protect you and your business.

Digital entrepreneurship in the wake of Covid-19

During this webinar, our leading digital business experts discuss the opportunities and challenges of these trends, and provide insights on how to be successful as a digital entrepreneur in the wake of Covid-19. Delivered by Professor Fang Zhao, Professor of Innovation and Strategy and Associate Dean and Julia Roberts - Entrepreneur in Residence at Staffordshire Business School.

Drones: The Future of Mobility & Delivery

In the coming years, it is expected that drones will have a massive impact on industries such as delivery, logistics, freight, agriculture and much more! Watch this webinar to explore drone applications across a variety of industries, benefits, barriers and policies that we must consider. Delivered by: Kevin Duckers, CEO and Co Founder, IDU Group Philip Butterworth-Hayes, Director of Strategy and Communications, CIVATAGlobal Steve Hargreaves, Business Development Manager, Staffordshire University

How AI is shaping the future for business

Delivered by: Dr. Derek Colley, Ph.D M.Sc Pg.Dip B.Sc (Hons) MBCS MIEE, School of Computing, Digital and Arts Join our expert to learn the fundamentals of building Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and how they work within all aspects of business. ANNs are ‘brain-like’ constructs that let us build machine learning models to optimise solutions for problems. Applications of ANNs being used today include marketing and customer segmentation, providing virtual personal assistants, medical diagnoses, speech recognition, self-driving cars, image recognition and much more.

How to achieve business growth with government funded innovation projects

Delivered by: Alastair Dawes - Director of Business, Development and Enterprise at Staffordshire University, Alex Lomas - Senior Innovation and Growth Specialist at Innovate UK Edge, Jake Dowson - IT Development Manager at Stormking, Steve Hargreaves - Business Development Manager at Staffordshire University. Innovation is key for businesses to grow through new product development, processes improvement and bringing new services to market. In this webinar, our experts explain how you can tap into a government funded partnership with Staffordshire University to help your business grow by developing innovative products and finding solutions to your challenges. Jake Dowson from Stormking will give you an employer’s perspective on entering into a funded partnership and the business benefits they have seen since doing so.

Infectious disease transmission

This webinar is delivered by Dr Arthur Hosie, Course Director, School of Life Sciences and Education. We all know about the R number, right? If SARS- COV2 has spiked your interest, get the science behind the headlines as Dr Arthur Hosie outlines some of the complex and yet fundamental biology of infectious disease transmission.

Innovation in action

Delivered by: Lynne Williams, Lecturer, Staffordshire University To stay relevant in a fast-paced marketplace it is essential for businesses to be innovative. During this webinar, Lynne will explore business innovation, why it is critical for entrepreneur success and the tools which can help you to innovate. You will also get the opportunity to hear first-hand how innovation has been key to the success of two entrepreneurs who collaborated with Staffordshire University through the BeInspired programme.

Intelligent Autonomous Robots

In this webinar, we will discuss our solutions for some applications including medical and physiographical uses, telepresence, farming, warehouse and distribution applications, education, as well as social interaction. Delivered by Saeed Shiry Ghadiry, Lecturer, School of Digital, Technologies and Arts at Staffordshire University.

Launch of new funded support for Newcastle under Lyme businesses

Delivered by: Marek Hornak - Associate Dean Business Engagement & Enterprise at Staffordshire University, Steve Hargreaves - Business Development Manager at Staffordshire University This webinar invites all Newcastle-under-Lyme-based businesses to find out about brand new funded support that can be accessed through our university to develop and implement bespoke innovation plans. Our experts discuss: - The support and expertise your business will access through the funded project. - The impact this support could have on the growth of your business. - Eligibility requirements and how to apply - Next steps for successful applicants This programme is open to small and medium sized businesses in Newcastle-under-Lyme or the wider Staffordshire County This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

Micro Combined Heat and Power (Micro CHP) Systems

In this webinar four major Micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP) prime movers will be evaluated in terms of their performance, available products and their current state of the art technologies. Delivered by Professor Hamidreza Gohari Darabkhani, Professor of Low Carbon & Renewable Energy Systems at Staffordshire University.

NHS Digitalisation: applications, benefits and challenges

During this webinar, our expert discusses several case studies delivered with the NHS to demonstrate the power of analytical tools, future challenges and obstacles towards digitalisation and the current role and future aspiration of Staffordshire University towards developing a better healthcare system in the UK. Delivered by Dr Md Asaduzzaman, Associate Professor in Operational Research.

Staffordshire Advanced Manufacturing, Prototyping and Innovation Demonstrator

This webinar is an introduction to our fully funded project: Staffordshire Advanced Manufacturing Prototyping & Innovation Demonstrator (SAMPID). Whether you are looking for research and development advanced manufacturing techniques or process improvement – hear how we can help you succeed! Delivered by: Rachel Wood, Programme Manager – Research, Innovation and Impact Services

Staffordshire Digital Innovation Partnerships

This webinar is an introduction to one of our key business support initiatives - Staffordshire Digital Innovation Partnerships (SDIP). Outlining the programme, benefits of knowledge exchange and how you can get involved. You will have the opportunity to hear from businesses already engaged with the programme and how they have benefitted from this support. Delivered by: Marc Wootton, Programme Manager – Research, Innovation and Impact Services

Staffordshire Intelligent Mobility Innovation Accelerator and other national funds for businesses

This webinar is an introduction to our dedicated project - Staffordshire Intelligent Mobility Innovation Accelerator (SCIMIA). Find out about the latest fully-funded support available to Staffordshire SME businesses with new innovations for the product or service development in market which is valued estimated £925 billion by 2025. Delivered by: Marek Hornak, Head Of Business Engagement & Enterprise

The green road to Net Zero

This webinar discusses the low carbon and renewable energy technologies that can help achieving Net Zero emission in the EU/UK by 2050 and beyond. Delivered by Professor Hamidreza Gohari Darabkhani, Professor of Low Carbon & Renewable Energy Systems, Staffordshire University.

The importance of cyber security – protecting your business

We often think that large companies are more likely to be targeted when it comes to cyber-attacks, but businesses of all sizes are at risk. Watch this webinar to explore: Phishing – what is it and how does it work? Social engineering and reconnaissance attacks Protecting your businesses against cyber-attacks Education and updates you need to be aware of Delivered by: Dr Asma Patel, Senior Lecturer, School of Digital, Technologies and Arts Dr Tomasz Bosakowski, Senior Lecturer, School of Digital, Technologies and Arts Christopher Howard, Course Director, School of Digital, Technologies and Arts

The importance of digital Marketing for SMEs

As lock-down is being reduced and customers are used to viewing and purchasing online, businesses are substantially increasing their use of digital marketing. The increase in competition to gain customers will makes sales tougher, especially as businesses look to recover their lost income. So, it is essential that business get their digital marketing right. Watch this webinar where our expert will discuss the benefits of digital over traditional marketing, how to set smart objectives, successful audience targeting and much more. Delivered by Paul Dobson, Senior Lecturer, Staffordshire Business School.

What is Intelligent Mobility?

Delivered by: - Mark Ecclestone, Innovation and Enterprise Fellow, Staffordshire University - Nicholas Wilcox, Innovation and Enterprise Fellow, Staffordshire University - Steve Hargreaves, Business Development Manager at Staffordshire University. Intelligent mobility is predicted to be worth around £900 billion a year by 2025 (Transport Systems Catapult) yet it’s still a widely unexplored and misunderstood industry. Join this webinar, where our experts will discuss the evolution of intelligent mobility, and how intelligent mobility applications can be found across a wide range of sectors including security, agriculture, energy, construction, transport, logistics and many more.

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